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Care&Repair is located in the city of Vaughan, in the neighbourhood of Woodbridge.  Woodbridge appliance repair has never been so easy or efficient: we guarantee a fix the same day a client calls!  That’s customer service. Our experienced, licensed technicians are located in the Woodbridge area to help get your appliances working again as soon as possible.

They are specially trained and awarded certifications based on their performance during testing.

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Our trucks are fully stocked with a wide variety of brand-name parts, so we can get there faster.  Woodbridge Care&Repair is a genuine Canadian company that knows your needs well.

Service calls are free when you shop with Woodbridge Care&Repair.  We quickly resolve your appliance issues for reasonable prices.  Ask for a quote from one of our caring and knowledgeable senior technicians; you won’t be disappointed.

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Woodbridge Appliance Repair Service

Woodbridge Care&Repair employs skilled technicians who are experienced in diagnostic and repair of appliances.  They fix all types of appliances in the home, within the same day of receiving a client’s phonecall.  If your washer is blowing more bubbles than the kids at the playground, call now and receive the exclusive attention of one or more of our repair service agents so you can stop mopping and start multi-tasking.


Same Day Woodbridge Appliance Services

We fix the following appliances: all brands of washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, rangetops, and refrigerators.

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Your time is valuable, and we, at Care&Repair, respect that.  Our seasoned professionals will take the guesswork out of diagnosis and repair.  Breakdowns, leaks and malfunctions are costly and annoying interruptions to your work, your home life, your day.  Our service technicians are experts who will help you get back to normal faster.  We are guaranteed to finish each job within the same day, so you can spend more time on the good stuff.


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Get 25$ OFF Any Repair

Have an appliance that needs fixing?  If you live in the area, make a call to your local Woodbridge Care&Repair Office now (647) 812-2863 or schedule a visit with us via our website appointment booking system. Please be sure to have the make and model number of your appliance handy for ease of service when you call!

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Woodbridge Washer Repair Service

Has your front-end loading washer started leaking?  Does your traditional washer make loud soundand noise?  Is it spinning out of control?  Woodbridge Care&Repair has the parts and experienced staff to fix these issues and more, in no time.  If you are looking for a quick and affordable washing machine fix, call Woodbridge Care&Repair today.

Woodbridge Dryer Repair Service

Has your dryer run out of hot air or is it not drying clothes completely?  Woodbridge Care&Repair technicians have seen it all before.  With our vast store of spare parts and quick diagnostic services, we will have it humming in no time.  We will make your dryer good as new, so your clothes come out toasty warm and completely dry without a touch of dampness.  Reach out and call us today.

Woodbridge Refrigerator Repair Service

Has the temperature gauge in your fridge completely lost touch with reality?  Is water collecting underneath the vegetable crisper or the cheese and sandwich meat drawer?  Does your lettuce come out frozen?  If your freezer’s too warm or your fridge is too cool, Woodbridge Care&Repair service agents and technicians will be happy to assist you with an efficient and reasonably priced fix.  Call now to receive an estimate.


 Woodbridge Oven Repair Service

Does your oven smell funny?  Is it leaving your cookies too squishy or turning your muffins into hockey pucks?  Temperature regulation is our specialty!  We have all the parts and knowledge to diagnose and repair your dutch oven.  Help for your oven is on the way when you call Woodbridge Care&Repair.  Call now!  We will get it done like dinner in a jiffy.

Woodbridge Stove Repair Service

If the elements on your stovetop are not heating up as fast or as much as they used to, and your noodles are still cold, call our experts for a knowledgeable stove diagnosis and repair.  Get back to enjoyment quicker with Woodbridge Care&Repair.  We will fix your range immediately.

Woodbridge Dishwasher Repair Service

For dishwashers that no longer clean like they used to, or squeak more than old wooden furniture, call Woodbridge Care&Repair.  Our trained technicians will arrive and fix the dishwasher the same day, to help you avoid a backlog of dishes from building up while you’re busy with work and all of life’s demands.  We can’t wait to hear from you.

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