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We adjusted our appliance repair services in Unionville according the needs and requirements of our customers. They asked for speed, skilled technicians, reliability and high-quality appliance service and that’s exactly what we offer. As a confirmation of the quality of our repairs in Unionville, we give a warranty of up to 1 year to all our repairs. The customer satisfaction at Care & Repair is 100%; you are more than welcome to see why everyone loves our appliance services.

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Unionville Appliance Repair Service

Looking for someone who can repair your appliance in Unionville? Care & Repair is exactly what you need! Our Unionville appliance repair services are truly one of a kind. We confidently claim that Care & Repair is the best provider of appliance services in Toronto and the GTA area. You can see why by calling our service centre and ordering our appliance repair service.


Same-day Appliance Repair Service

We obtain great vehicles with enough space to stock a long list of relevant tools, equipment, and spare parts. Our technicians are always on the move so they can provide the appliance repair services in Unionville shortly after you call us. We understand the importance of the fast service delivery in the appliance repair industry. For that reason, we prioritize speed and quality at Care & Repair. Call us whenever you notice a problem with your appliance and expect to see us the same day!

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If you need us to fix your appliance in Unionville, give us a service call at (647) 812-2863. If you repair with us, you will pay no service fee. In addition, you can also contact us through our website.


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Trained and Certified Technicians

Even if we had all the necessary equipment to provide great appliance repair services in Unionville, it would be impossible without good repairmen. With that in mind, we hired professionals that understand every single aspect of the appliance repair. Apart from their exceptional abilities, our senior technicians are very kind and polite. Therefore, you can ask our repair guys any question regarding your stove, oven, fridge, dryer, dishwasher or washer. The technicians will explain everything you want to know in simple terms, making it easy for you to understand.

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Unionville Fridge Repair

If your cooler is being noisy when it’s not supposed to be, there is a high chance that your refrigerator has a faulty compressor. If the noise is very loud, there might not be a way back and you will need our repairmen to replace it. Since our fridge repairs include the replacement of broken parts, we will gladly repair your fridge!

Unionville Washer Repair

If you were shocked after seeing that the water inside your washing machine won’t drain, don’t stress out! The most usual cause of that issue is a bad pump. Replacing the drain pump is included in our washing machine repairs so call us whenever you need our washer service.

Unionville Dryer Repair

The clogged vent of your drying machine increases the risk of overheating, which leads to serious problems. If you call Care & Repair on time, we will prevent your dryer from breaking down completely. Our repair guys are trained in fixing drying machines in Unionville so they will repair it within one day.


Unionville Dishwasher Repair

Once you notice that the water from your dishwashing machine is not draining, you might not think that it requires dishwasher servicing still. You can take out the dishes and dry them manually but that’s not a permanent solution. In fact, the problem might only be the clogged filter or drain so let us repair your dishwashing machine and let you use all its feature instead.

Unionville Stove Repair

Your stove is hiding many wires and switches in its interior and they all must function perfectly. If any of them breaks down, it will reflect on the performance of your cooktop. Before experimenting at your own risk, order our range servicing and let our technicians repair your stove professionally.

Unionville Oven Repair

The temperature inconsistency of your range can affect the food and waste a lot of your time. If you call Care & Repair, we will send our technicians to test the thermostat and diagnose the issue of your range. Afterward, you can decide whether you want to repair with us and pay no service fee for the oven repair.

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