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Care & Repair is the leading provider of appliance repair services in Etobicoke. Our carefully designed repair services are highly beneficial, and customer-oriented. With professional technicians and advanced equipment, we can fix your appliance the same day you call us.

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Care & Repair is the leading provider of appliance repair services in Etobicoke. Our carefully designed repair services are highly beneficial, and customer-oriented. With professional technicians and advanced equipment, we can fix your appliance the same day you call us.

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Why You Should Select Care & Repair

If you need a repair company that provides end-to-end repair services, we are here for you! Care & Repair advanced repair services in Etobicoke are extremely productive and give real, immediate results! By selecting us, the most reliable appliance repair services will be only one call away from you. We aim to meet absolutely every requirement of our clients. Therefore, we will gladly hear you out and design the best offer for you. Based on the damage of your appliance, we will offer you a good price for the appliance repair. At a fixed price, we will fix your appliance quickly and effectively!

Get 25$ OFF Any Repair

Quick Repair Service

Care & Repair professional technicians fix appliances the same day. As soon as we receive your order, our repairmen will pack all the necessary equipment and head to your house! Don’t be surprised if you see our technicians at your door only half an hour after your call. Wherever you live, we can get to you quickly. With fully stocked vans, our repair guys are always ready to repair appliances. Although our appliance repair services are quick, the effects are long-lasting!


Professional Team of Skilled Technicians

Our team of repairmen studied at the most prestigious international Universities and obtained elite certifications. During the Care & Repair recruitment process, we only hired repair guys that met the high standards of our company. Today, our team consists of professional technicians that know how to fix any appliance in Etobicoke. After you order our repair services, you will witness the high professionalism and extraordinary repair skills of our technicians.

We can repair your appliances quickly and effectively. If you repair with us, you also get a free service call. Please do not hesitate to call us at (647) 812-2863 


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Get 25$ OFF Any Repair

Etobicoke Appliance Repair Service

Care & Repair offers the most convenient appliance repair services. We do our best to satisfy all the needs of our customers. For that reason, we introduced the same-day repair service and acquired high-level equipment for the appliance repair. You can call us during the whole year, including holidays and weekends. Care & Repair technicians are always ready to assist you anywhere in Etobicoke. Therefore, you should order our repair services  the same moment your appliance experiences a problem.

Our Happy Clients

Etobicoke Dishwasher Repair

The dirty spots on your dishes are surely not something you would like to see after using the dishwashing machine. In case you noticed that problem, your dishwasher needs an urgent dishwasher repair service! We will clean all the internal parts of your dishwashing machine and fix your dishwasher the same day.

Etobicoke Stove Repair

A faulty stovetop could make a whole mess out of your daily routine. In case the burners of your stove are not working, you will not be able to use the range properly. In that case, you can call Care & Repair and order stove service in Etobicoke. We will bring the spare parts and tools to fix your range on the spot. Soon after our repairmen get to your house, you will be able to use the stovetop again.

Etobicoke Oven Repair

In case any part of your oven is failing, you should call Care & Repair! We will examine the range carefully and identify all the problems of the oven. Following the examination, our technicians will offer a reasonable price for the oven service. When you accept, our repairmen will start fixing your oven instantly. Soon enough, you will be able to use the range all the time, without any issues!


Etobicoke Fridge Repair

Is your freezer not cooling enough and you are looking for a technician who repairs refrigerators for a good price? Care & Repair has the most reliable fridge service in Etobicoke! You can order our cooler servicing anytime and we will send certified repairmen to fix your fridge.

Etobicoke Washer Repair

If your washing machine needs a quick fix, Care & Repair washer service is the best solution. We can fix your washing machine the same day! Whether your washer is being too loud, refusing to turn on or experiencing any other issue, our repair guys will know how to fix your washing machine.

Etobicoke Dryer Repair

Did you notice that your drying machine keeps overheating? If the problem continues, you could experience serious consequences! However, you can prevent all the problems of your drying machine if you order our dryer service in Etobicoke. We can regulate the temperature of your drying machine and let you use the appliance normally again.

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