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Before Care Appliance Repair, it was difficult to find a professional technician with an ability to fix a refrigerator the same day. Care Appliance Repair introduced a set of extraordinary repair services, including an amazing fridge repair service. We are able to repair fridges in Etobicoke easily with a team of professional technicians and advanced equipment. After trying out our repair services, we are completely sure that you will never wonder who to call to fix the fridge in Etobicoke again. We will gladly become your first and only provider of fridge repairs at a fixed price in Etobicoke!


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Care Appliance Repair is a provider of premium on-site repair services for home appliances in Etobicoke. We fix appliances of all makes and models for a reasonable price. Our senior technicians are driving around Etobicoke 24/7 with vans full of original parts so you can order our appliance repair services anytime. We will repair appliances in Etobicoke for you the same day you call us. After examining your appliances, our trained repairmen will offer you a good price for the repair service. You will get repairs with a chargeless service call if you hire us immediately. At Care Appliance Repair, we accept Visa, MasterCar, and Cash payment methods. Our company is factory approved and you will get an extended warranty on all our appliance repair services.

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At Care Appliance Repair, we care about our customers immensely! We complete every task with major accuracy and do our best to leave long-lasting results. For that reason, we established great relations with our customers. Reliability and trust are our top priorities so we constantly work on gaining the trust of new customers and meeting the high expectations of our long-term customers. As one evidence of our quality, we offer a warranty of up to one year on all our fridge repairs in Etobicoke. Therefore, you can be completely sure that once we tackle down the issue, it’s not going to reappear as soon as we leave your house. In case it does, all you need to do is call our fridge customer service in Etobicoke. We will repair the fridge for you again, without any additional fees!

A team of hardworking people is available for all your orders 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whenever your cooler starts failing, you can give us a free service call. We will send the nearest technicians to check your refrigerator and repair the fridge for you the same day. Our team of professional repairmen operates all around Etobicoke so you can call us anytime.

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Common Problems of Refrigerators

Refrigerators are one of the only appliances that never stop working. Thus, it is understandable that coolers experience more issues than other appliances. After all, refrigerators do the hardest job by keeping your food and drinks cool and fresh! At Care Appliance Repair, we deal with a variety of fridge issues on a daily basis. Our trained repairmen know how to fix absolutely every problem of modern and traditional refrigerators. Some of the most common problems of coolers in Etobicoke are leakages, breakdowns, noises, freezer not cooling, icemaker not working, certain parts of the fridge falling off and so on… There are also more complex problems that require replacements of genuine parts of the fridge. In that case, our repair guys will bring original parts and fix the fridge in Etobicoke for you.


We serve and maintain coolers of all brands and all makes for a good price. Whether you have an old fridge that you don’t want to replace or you have a high-tech refrigerator, our quick fix is available for you. Some of the brands included in our fridge repair in Etobicoke are LG, Samsung, Frigidaire, GE, Maytag, and KitchenAid. All you need to do is call our fridge service centre in Etobicoke and order our refrigerator repairs. We will send professional repairmen to your house right after your call!

Fridge Features

The door style of the fridge usually defines the function of the appliance as well. Depending on your needs and the space where you want to place your cooler, you can choose between single and double door refrigerators. Double door coolers come with a top or a bottom freezer. Therefore, you can choose which one of these styles is more convenient for you. The standard width of the fridge is 23 – 36”, the standard height is 65 – 69” and the standard depth is 24 – 33”. Of course, there are other refrigerators with either larger or smaller capacity. In order to be certain about the dimensions of your cooler, you must read the specifications before purchasing the appliance.

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