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We are fully committed to our customers. As a confirmation of our loyalty and responsibility, we offer our appliance repair services in Oshawa during the whole year. That being said, you can reach out to us on weekends, holidays and just any other day. We will provide the best appliance services and you will certainly become another long-term customer.

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Appliance Repair Service in Oshawa

Care & Repair is proudly the number one provider of appliance repair services in Oshawa. Our services are carefully created with an aim to satisfy the needs of every customer. Since we know speed and quality important to our customers, we pay a lot of attention to both. Therefore, we fix appliances in Oshawa extremely fast while keeping the high quality of our services. We are local technicians in Durham region.


Same-day Oshawa Appliance Repair Service

Don’t disrupt your daily activities by having a broken appliance at your home. If you need an urgent appliance repair service in Oshawa, call us. We will send the technicians operating within your area to fix your appliance quickly. Afterward, you can go back to your activities and use your fridge, stove, oven or other appliances that we fix. We are aware that customers need a quick reaction from us. For that reason, the same-day repair is a significant factor associated with our repair services in Oshawa. Years of experience gave us this significant solution.

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If you need our services in Oshawa, feel free to contact us at (647) 812-2863. You can also use the web form to submit your request.


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With only a brief explanation of the issue, our senior technicians will be able to diagnose the problem of your appliance. However, our repair guys always double-check their suspicions. Once you meet our team, you will be impressed with their work! All our technicians works with class, precision, and accuracy. Our repairmen fix appliances in Oshawa every day so don’t be surprised with their high level of professionalism. After restoring your appliance, they will leave your house the same way it was when they arrived; without any additional mess or remains of their tools and materials. Appliance Repair Oshawa is always comes and help immediately. We are in our element when repair home appliances.

Our Happy Clients

Oshawa Fridge Repair

Your refrigerator changes the temperature itself, freezes too much and the problem is not going away? The odds are that it won’t go away by itself! You need our fridge service. Call us anytime and tell us how our repairmen can help you. Our fridge repairs are always available for you.

Oshawa Washer Repair

Imagine the discomfort of having to wash your clothes on your hands like our ancestors did. Once your washing machine starts showing signs of neglect or malfunction, it’s time to call us. With our washer repair service, you won’t have to struggle with a broken washing machine. Our repair guys will fix it the same day.

Oshawa Dryer Repair

Drying machines during cold summer days are one of the essential appliances. If your dryer is experiencing any issues, it’s time to call our technicians! Care & Repair works actively every day of the year so don’t stress out. Contact us and we will send our qualified technicians immediately!


Oshawa Dishwasher Repair

If the control console of your dishwashing machine starts showing incorrect data or no data at all, it could affect its performance. Our repair guys maintain hundreds of dishwashers across Toronto and the GTA so let us repair and maintain yours too.

Oshawa Stove Repair

You’ve placed your pot with eggs on the cooktop for a while and it’s still not boiling? The chances are that something is wrong with your stove! The burners might be breaking down and that’s the last thing you want for your range. Ask for our help and we are more than willing to send our technicians to repair your cooktop!

Oshawa Oven Repair

Modern ovens offer a truly great baking experience. You can adjust your range according to the food you are preparing and enjoy delicious meals. The problem occurs when some aspect of this advanced cooktop technology starts failing. In that case, you need our oven repair service urgently! Use the advantage of our free service call and request a technician who repairs ranges in Oshawa. We will send our team of repair guys within the same day.

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