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We believe that the best way to spread the word about our company is by demonstrating our worth through our high-quality dishwasher repair service. Because of our great quality, most of our customers are long-term.

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They always call us again free of charge to get appliance fixed by our certified handy guys. Whether it’s a portable or full size dishwasher our repair services in Toronto are always available for our customers. 

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If you are looking for repair services in Toronto area that will provide a quick fix to your home appliance, we are definitely the best choice. Our same-day repair is extremely attractive to our customers and certainly to you too! Rather than waiting for a long period until finally fixing  appliances, we offer you a quick repair. Wherever you are, as long as it’s Toronto, we will get to you the same day you call us. Our trained technicians will fix appliances for a fair quote we tell you after diagnosing the issue of your device. Warranty is included.

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Our courteous, knowledgeable repairmen are one of the main characteristics of our local business. Customers always compliment their politeness, kindness and great appliance repair service. Team spirit and reliability between our technicians are very important, so we always work in harmony. Solving problems, every staff member is always ready to work and enthusiastic for the new task. Therefore, you receive the best service and our company receives the best comments and reviews!

Please call us at   📞 (647) 957-7757   or contact us online. Our repair service company will get back to you shortly.

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Common Dishwashing Machine Issues

  •         Leakage
  •         It does not drain
  •         The machine won’t start
  •         It is making noise
  •         Blinking or flashing of lights
  •         It won’t fill


My dishwasher smells, why?

Trapped food particles in drain hose, spray arm or filters decay and produce odor. The build-up needs to be cleaned to maintain hygiene.

Is pre-rinsing necessary?

Pre-rinsing can cause the sensors not to pick any leftover food particles. Thus, dishes will not be cleaned thoroughly.

What kind of detergent is best?

Select a detergent that contains enzymes and bleach as these are active ingredients that provide thorough cleaning.

Why my dishwater is taking long cycle?

 If incoming water is not at the right temperature, it will take longer for a wash cycle to complete.

Can all the dishes be cleaned in a dishwasher?

Not all dishes are machine friendly. The ones that can be washed come with a dishwasher safe logo.

My dishwasher always has water at the bottom. Why?

Some water is left at its bottom for keeping the pump and seals moist. The seal and pump will become brittle and can leak causing expensive repairs if they dry out.


Some brands included in our dishwasher services:


Whirlpool dishwashers often stop cleaning the dishes. This happens when the water inlet valve is worn out or clogged.  Check if the valve is clogged and get it replaced. It can also be due to a broken water pump belt.


Dishwashing machines often leak which can be due to malfunctioning seal pump or issues with door gasket. The rubber gasket of pump or vinyl gasket of door needs replacement for proper functioning of appliance.


Dishwashers of this make are equipped with touchpad which might stop functioning. To determine the issue, first check if the display is working. If it’s working but only some buttons are not responding, you need to replace the control panel and touchpad.


Sudden flashing of light is an issue that you might experience with GE dishwashers. Check if the water is heating to the required temperature in the set time period. If not, control panel’s flash light will start blinking. It indicates a broken heating element that needs replacement.


Dishwashers of this producer might not drain sometimes causing issues. See if there is blockage in filter, drain pump, non-return value and air gap. The issue can also be due to kinked hose pipe or broken pump. Clean the blockage and straighten the pipe to restore functioning.

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