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Providing GE appliance repair services in Toronto is a real pleasure for Care & Repair. For ten years of our existence, we have been fixing appliances consistently. The hard work and effort contributed to the 100% customer satisfaction of our repair services.

GE energy appliance

One of the relevant categories of our appliance repair services is the GE service. We fix GE fridge, dryer, washer, dishwasher, stove and oven using advanced equipment and innovative technology.

Care & Repair  is available for our customers during the whole year, without any breaks. Call us at (647) 957-7757 or contact us through Care & Repair website to order our GE appliance repair service. We will reach out to you soon!


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One of the main reasons why you should choose our Hotspot repairs is the professionalism and speed of our technicians. Without damaging the quality of our repair services, we fix Hotspot appliances quickly and efficiently! The one-time customers regularly become long-term customers of Care & Repair. We happily welcome you to our large group where you can ask for our Hotspot repair service anytime!


Same-day Appliance Repair Service

Do not start panicking if your appliance breaks in the middle of an important day. Our same-day repair service serves to take care of the urgent cases! We will send our technicians to fix appliance as soon as you call us. GE repairs do not take too long with our professional repair guys and high-quality equipment.

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Skilled and Experienced Technicians

We gathered a team of professional repairmen who fix appliance regularly. Our technicians can solve issue of your appliance extremely quickly and effectively. With extensive experience in fixing appliance, our repairmen established a great reputation of our company. You can ask Care & Repair technicians anything you need to know about our GE appliance repair service. Our repair guys will respond with major precision and kindness.

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GE Appliances

GE (General Electric) appliances is originally owned by Haier, which is a Chinese conglomerate. Apart from manufacturing appliances for GE, Haier also sells appliances through Profile, Monogram, Cafe, and Hotpoint. With headquarters of GE in Louisville, Kentucky, GE distributes appliances across the  US and world.

GE Fridge Repair

If your refrigerator is leaking, you will always have a puddle of water on the kitchen floor. However, ordering our GE fridge repair service will prevent that occurrence. GE service at Care & Repair includes all types of GE fridge repairs. Our technicians will fix GE freezer at your home and your cooler won’t cause any leaks anymore.

GE Washer Repair

Your washer is “shaking” and being too loud? That’s a common problem of a GE washing machine. Appliance repair GE washer service is all you need! Call our repairmen to fix GE washing machine at your home. With the same-day repair, the leaks and noises will disappear as soon as we serve your washing machine.

GE Dryer Repair

GE drying machine requires frequent check-ups. We can serve and maintain your dryer with our GE drying machine service in Toronto and the GTA. Our affordable appliance repair service is an ideal quick fix with a long-lasting solution. Order the GE dryer service today!


GE Dishwasher Repair

Your dishwashing machine keeps filling up with soap and water? There could be several potential causes! Appliance repair GE dishwasher service at Care & Repair will diagnose the exact issue of your GE dishwashing machine. Following, our technicians will fix GE dishwashing machine at a reasonable price.

GE Stove Repair

The way your stovetop performs is worse than usual? There is a possibility that the burners of your cooktop failed! Care & Repair GE stove repair service includes the replacement of the burners of your range. Order our GE stove servicing and use your cooktop normally again!

GE Oven Repair

The breakdown of your range will reflect on the quality of your food. Even before the issue of your GE oven is visible, you will notice the strange taste of your food; the range will either burn one side or take longer to bake, etc. Our senior technicians are experienced in fixing GE oven. The repairmen will diagnose and solve the issue of your GE range rapidly!

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