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Located conveniently in Aurora, our certified repair technicians are always available and nearby to offer you same-day appliance repair. We’ll work with your schedule to be available on weekends, holidays, and in the evenings to help get you the repair services in Aurora you need with no interruption of your busy schedule.

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It is a point of pride for us that all of our technicians are fully certified and have experience with all types of appliance repair solutions in Aurora. Whether it’s your stove, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, freezer, or any other appliance, our technicians are able to diagnose and repair any malfunction. Let us get your appliances up and running and restored to their full power.

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 Our number one goal is to repair your appliances in just one visit. Before we come to your home, you will talk with one of our professional technicians who will diagnose your appliance problem so that we arrive well-equipped to solve any issue. Our well-stocked repair vehicles carry a wide variety of replacement parts for all major brands. That way, we can fix most issues without needing to special order parts. Getting your appliance service in one visit is our highest priority, which saves you time and money.


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Aurora Oven Repair

We depend on our ovens daily to keep us fed, and experiencing issues with your cooktop can be catastrophic! Our trained personnel are familiar with all brands of ovens and are ready to get have your range back in working order same-day! Don’t wait, call us today and ask about our same-day Aurora oven repair service.

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Fridge Repair

It can be quite frustrating for your fridge to fail out of nowhere. Common problems encountered include a slow cooling fridge, excess frost, and bad smell oozing from the freezer. These are issues we have a detailed understanding of and our fridge repair team will expertly fix them.

Washer Repair

Washer problems vary from water covering your floor, to using too much detergent. There are also times when the washer would not just start or fails to adequately clean clothes. This implies that the machine has reached its peak of operation and needs to be repaired. At such a time, contact us and we will get your washer back in a good working state.

Dishwasher Repair

Common problems encountered with dishwashers include failure to properly clean the dishes, dishwasher refusing to startup, difficulty draining water, too much noise from the dishwasher, and water leakages from the dishwasher. These are problems that require immediate repair. You might try to do it on your own but if you have no idea of how to proceed, contact our dishwasher repair team for an expert fix.


Dryer Repair

There are times when your dryer’s drum would just spin but does not produce any heat. This would mean that it either has a bad fuse, bad heating coils, the temperature switch is spoilt, or the thermostat is no longer functional. You will have to examine each of these components to determine the exact cause of problems before replacing it.

Stove Repair

Your stove is the most used appliance at home. The problems encountered most of the time include surface burners not lighting, weak burner flame, gas odor, greasy surface or noisy surface burner flame. Severity of these problems ranges from irritating to high risks like fires, body harm, or home damage. We provide top-notch appliance repair in Aurora so that you can safely use the stove.

Oven Repair

If your oven range burner refuses to turn on, the oven does not heat, oven heats but not at the right temperature, or even the door fails to shut down, it means there is a deeper problem that needs detailed examining. We are conversant with these issues and can get them fixed for you.

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