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Customer satisfaction is the prior and key goal of repair service company Care & Repair. We provide 24-hour high quality fridge repair services in Toronto and GTA.

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All technicians of Care & Repair are certified and highly-skilled in all kinds of repairs, no matter what your refrigerator is: free-standing, built-in, wine-cooler, freezer etc.

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Common Refrigerator Replacement Parts

It is important to keep your refrigerator running smoothly, that’s why Care & Repair is always ready to replace a necessary detail at a moment’s notice. The most common refrigerator replacement parts and accessories are as follows: water filters, ice makers, motors, shelves, crisper supports, door bins, handles, egg trays etc.


Common Refrigerator Issues

If your refrigerator doesn’t work properly, and you have no idea how to fix the problem, our professional repairmen will provide the prompt repair service. The main issues we usually face are:

  • insufficient current
  • faulty motor
  • defective compressor
  • freezing food
  • leaking
  • noises 
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Why is my freezer cold, but the refrigerator is warm?

The problem is likely due to the defective thermistor. Release the thermistor cover and pull the thermistor out of the mounting clip. Unplug wires. Place the new thermistor, having attached it to the mounting clip and wires. 

How can I get rid of unpleasant odor in my fridge?

Take out all food, discharge your fridge, move out all removable details like shelves, drawers, bins etc. Wipe the inside walls and bottom of your refrigerator with baking soda and water, or another safe cleanser. Clean and dry removable parts. Put them back.

There is a noise from the back of my refrigerator, what should I do with it?

Check whether nothing is stuck in the compressor fan. Blades should turn freely.

Why is the inside temperature too warm/cold?

Check the doors whether they are firmly sealed. Also verify the temperature control. If it is mechanical one, replace it. If the control is electronic, you will need a qualified technician.

What does it mean when my refrigerator leaks water?

There can be water leakage because of a blocked defrost drain. It might be clogged with debris – clean it up.

Types of Refrigerators We Repair

All the repairmen are well-versed in performing repair service on a long list of fridges. Our goal is to fix your home appliance and make it cool your stored food and beverages precisely again.

Our technicians service:

  • No-frost refrigerators
  • Counter depth as well as built-in
  • Freezerless or compact appliances
  • Side-by-side refrigerators
  • French doors fridges
  • Either top or bottom refrigerators
Extended Warranty


How can you cope with the problem of annoying noises coming out from your fridge? Check evaporator fan blade that is located in the freezer behind the back panel. You can try to regulate it by hand – it should turn smoothly. Remove all obstructions on the blade. Also we insist on verifying the condenser fan blade in the same way. You will find it in the back underside of your fridge. 

What to expect from your local repair service

Trustworthy repair services

The knowledgeable experts of Care&Repair perform the professional repair services and outstand with the correct diagnoses and the quick problem solutions. Our trained repairmen know how to repair any brand and model of the refrigerator/freezer within the shortest time.

The warranty repair works up to 1 year

The high quality of our repair services enable to provide the warranty up to 1 year. The guarantee covers both the repair works and the parts replaced.

Access to the certified appliance parts

The successful repair and replacement services are not possible without the timely supply of the appliance certified parts. We cooperate with appliances manufacturers in particular to have the permanent access to the original parts, and thus, to prolong the life of your appliance for years.

Repair services for home and business

Our appliances repair services are not narrow-focused. Care&Repair` technicians are always ready to help both the private clients and the corporate ones with dryers, washers, stoves etc. Our technicians are trained to cope with any fridge issues which can happen in private homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, cafes etc.

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