Electrolux Appliance Repair

If you need Electrolux repairs for any of your home appliances, you should definitely order our Electrolux appliance repair service. Care & Repair appliance repair in Toronto and the GTA takes a special care of Electrolux devices.

Electrolux appliance repair

We will serve and maintain your Electrolux appliances under the highest standards of the appliance repair industry.

Care & Repair is available for your requests 365 days a year. We work during holidays, weekends and any other days. Call us at (647) 812-2863 or contact us through the website to order our Electrolux appliance repair service.


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100% customer satisfaction, a warranty of up to one year on all our Electrolux repairs, and same-day repair service are only some of the reasons why you should order Care & Repair appliance repair services in Toronto and the GTA. Some appliances included in our repair services are: stove, oven, fridge, dryer, washer, and dishwasher. As an extra promotional feature, you will wave a cost of a service call if you repair with us.


Same-day Electrolux Repair

The most frequent question of our customers while ordering our repair services in Toronto is “when can I expect you?” Well, you can expect Care & Repair technicians to fix appliance in Toronto  the same day you call us! The extraordinary quick fix will let you use your appliance again only a few hours after the call.

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Care & Repair certified repairmen are fixing Electrolux appliances professionally and extremely quickly. While our technicians provide Toronto and the GTA appliance repair service rapidly, the quality of the services remains the same. Moreover, the repair guys at our company are very polite and kind. Therefore, you can ask our technicians whatever everything about our appliance repair services in Toronto and the GTA.

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Electrolux Appliances

Electrolux is the second largest manufacturer of appliances in the world, according to the number of units they sell around the world. Apart from appliances for a consumer use, Electrolux produces appliances for professional use. This is a Swedish company that, apart from selling the appliances under its original name, also sells under the names of other famous brands, such as AEG and Frigidaire.

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Electrolux Fridge Repair

You noticed a leakage or a breakdown of your refrigerator? Call Care & Repair before the problem escalates! Our Electrolux fridge repair service includes all types of Electrolux repairs. Our technicians will fix your freezer quickly and stop the annoying leaks all over the kitchen floor. Care & Repair Electrolux cooler appliance repair is available anytime so do not hesitate to call us!

Electrolux Washer Repair

The noise that your washing machine makes has become unbearable? We can relate! Our technicians can fix Electrolux washer immediately and resolve this issue once and for all. We will send a repair guy who repairs Electrolux washing machine the same day you call us. Afterward, you will be able to enjoy the quiet performance of your Electrolux washer.

Electrolux Dryer Repair

Your drying machine is failing to actually dry your clothes? There is certainly an internal problem of your appliance! If you call us, we will send technicians to fix Electrolux dryer at your home. Our repair guys will restore the quality of your Electrolux drying machine with our Electrolux dryer service.


Electrolux Dishwasher Repair

The leftovers and strange marks on your dishes that a dishwashing machine is leaving are annoying you? The problem will not stop if you don’t call our repair guys to fix Electrolux dishwasher for you. Our repairmen will start fixing Electrolux dishwashing machine quickly and you will not have to worry about your dishes anymore.

Electrolux Stove Repair

Your range takes ages to finally finishing cooking your pasta? Perhaps the burners of your cooktop failed! Our repair guys will fix Electrolux stove by replacing the spoiled parts. You will be able to use your stovetop again after ordering our Electrolux range appliance repair service.

Electrolux Oven Repair

If the light of your range is not working, it’s the first indication of a breakdown within your oven. The problem might be more serious than you think! The technicians at Care & Repair will gladly start fixing Electrolux oven at your home today. With the best equipment, our repairmen will fix your Electrolux range during their first visit!

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