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The successful professional history of our company began for more than 10 years ago. For these years we managed to learn how to solve any brand appliance issues.

maytag appliance repair

We provide the repair, install and replace services of all Maytag appliance makes. To get the urgent professional help, please get in touch with us through the phone number or online form on our website.

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We dare to state that we are the only repair service company all around Toronto dealing with Maytag appliance repairs and part replacement at the professional level. Years of training, experience and the close cooperation with Maytag company made our technicians the leading experts in repair of all types and models of this brand.


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The same day repair is the best service ever for those who need their appliances functioning properly right away. We fulfil Maytag appliance repairs on the very same day you let us know about the issue. After having clarified the sort of the problem we send our qualified technicians immediately to your place no matter in what part of Toronto you live. No worries about the spare parts to be replaced – our vans are always loaded with all necessary certified details.

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The main feature of any Maytag appliance is its complexity. Therefore, its repair can turn into a real challenge. But not for our experts. Our certified technicians are constantly trained to solve Maytag appliance issues of any complexity fast and in a professional manner. Many years of experience made us the best Maytag repair service company on the market of Canada.

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Maytag Appliances

We are proud to be able to satisfy all requirements of our private clients and corporate ones.

Maytag Appliances

The history of Maytag starts from 1983 aiming to produce only washing machines. As time went on the founders of Maytag decided to widen the production potentialities offering the household appliances like refrigerators, dish-washing machines, dryers, ovens, stones etc. In 2000s Maytag had been bought by Whirlpool Corporation that keeps manufacturing the tranding appliances under the name of Maytag.

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Maytag Fridge Repair

The frozen food in your refrigerator definitely doesn’t look appetizing. What can be the reason of it? One of the most obvious causes of such a phenomena can be the malfunctioning control thermostat. The technicians of Care&Repair know how to identify the particular failure cause and find the best solution to make your refrigerator work properly again.

Maytag Washer Repair

The Maytag washing machines are well known for their high quality and long life-cycle. Nevertheless, various failures can occur due to the inappropriate using or another external factors like the hard supply water. It is not recommended to fix the appliance on your own if you are not confident in your technical skills. You can entrust your problem to Care&Repair professionals who are able to repair any type and model of Maytag appliances within the shortest possible time.

Maytag Dryer Repair

If your Maytag dryer demonstrates the signs of malfunctioning, don’t let the problem complicate the situation – solve the problem asap. Facing any issue with your Maytag dryer, it is better to apply to the qualified technicians of Care&Repair who are familiar with all possible failures and know how to tackle the problem. Our specialists will also provide the necessary certified parts if needed. We ensure your Maytag appliance will be repaired quickly and at high quality standards.


Maytag Dishwasher Repair

If your Maytag dishwashing machine is not running, what you are to do first is to check the dishwasher is receiving the power and the door is latched. If the control panel still doesn’t light up, you will definitely need the professional help. The company Care&Repair is specialized in repairing all types and makes of Maytag dishwashers all around Toronto. Let your dishwasher be repaired within the shortest time range – get in touch with us right away. Moreover, our technicians will share some handy tips with you how to prevent the similar problems in the future.

Maytag Stove Repair

What to do if your Maytag stove is heating too slowly? One of the main possible reasons can be the clogged with debris burner openings – the flames become weak and small. However, the slow heating of your stove can by caused by another internal defects. Maytag specialists from Care&Repair will easily and rapidly detect the cause of the issue. Before you could say Jack Robinson, our certified technicians will make your stove work properly again.

Maytag Oven Repair

Don’t get upset if you can’t prepare your children’s favorite pie because your Maytag oven is not heating to the right temperature. Any Maytag appliance issues are fixable due to the experienced and trained technicians of Care&Repair. We also have all required Maytag certified parts to make Maytag appliance repairs on the first visit. No need to order pie from outside – you can please your children with your homemade pie already today!

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