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The appliance repair services in Toronto were unbelievably beneficial since the foundation of Care & Repair. For ten years, we have been serving customers. Our hard Maytag Appliance Repair contributed to the 100% customer satisfaction of Care & Repair.

maytag appliance repair

We fix stove, oven, fridge, dryer, dishwasher and washer appliances of all brands and all makes. One of the extensive services of Care & Repair is the Maytag service.

If you need our repair services in Toronto and the GTA, call us at (647) 957-7757. If you repair with us, you will pay no service fee. You can also use the online form on Care & Repair website to contact us. Our customer service will respond as soon as possible.


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We have experienced technicians, affordable appliance repair, same-day repair, and 100% customer satisfaction. Maytag is a prestigious brand that requires the best Toronto and the GTA appliance repair service. You won’t find such beneficial Maytag repair service anywhere in the region. We designed our menu according to the needs of our customers. Consequently, we grew from a small local business to a large provider of repair services in Toronto and the GTA.


Fixing Your Appliances the Same Day

Why is it important to fix Maytag appliances the same day? Well, because you need your appliances back as soon as possible! With that fact in mind, we created the same-day repair service for all our customers in Toronto and the GTA. After you call Care & Repair, we will send nearby technicians to fix Maytag appliances immediately. That way, you won’t struggle with broken devices any longer than a few hours.

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Certified Technicians with Long Experience in Maytag Repairs

The complexity of Maytag devices requires inclusively professional technicians with experience in fixing Maytag appliances. Our repairmen are experienced in all types of Maytag repairs. All our technicians passed tests that demanded the high level of knowledge and skills in fixing famous appliance brands, including Maytag. Now, we have a team of certified senior technicians that tackle the problem of any Maytag appliance.

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Maytag Appliances

Maytag was founded in 1892 by the name Maytag Washing Machine Company. As you can assume, Maytag originally produced only washers but started manufacturing other household appliances after. In 2006, Whirlpool Corporation purchased Maytag and now produces high-end appliances under the name of this brand.

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Maytag Fridge Repair

Your refrigerator is freezing all the food inside? In that case, your freezer might have a faulty control thermostat. Before spoiling the food, order our Maytag fridge appliance repair service. Care & Repair technicians will fix Maytag cooler and clean all the parts of your freezer that may freeze your food. Soon enough, you will have your refrigerator back to its default condition.

Maytag Washer Repair

When your Maytag washing machine stops spinning mid-cycle, there is a possibility that its belt has broken. You cannot solve this issue alone so order Maytag washer appliance repair. Care & Repair Maytag service includes all types of Maytag repairs. Our technicians will bring a new belt and fix Maytag washing machine in only a few hours.

Maytag Dryer Repair

Having a drying machine that overheats is critical and you need a Maytag dryer appliance repair service immediately. This issue could even cause a fire if you don’t call our repairmen to fix Maytag dryer on time. Care & Repair technicians will find the issue and start fixing Maytag drying machine quickly. That way, you won’t experience any consequence of a faulty dryer.


Maytag Dishwasher Repair

If your Maytag dishwashing machine is not drying, perhaps the door or the rinse aid feature have broken. Either way, you need a quick Maytag dishwasher repair service. Rather than guessing the issue, our technicians will professionally and accurately detect the problem of your dishwashing machine. Following, the repairmen will fix Maytag dishwasher and make it dry normally again.

Maytag Stove Repair

Is one or more burners of your stovetop refusing to heat up? If your answer is “yes” you need Maytag stove repair service. There is either one or more faulty burners of your cooktop. Actually, there could be an internal problem that our technicians will diagnose with Maytag appliance repair service. If you order Maytag repair today, the burners of your range will be back to normal by the evening!

Maytag Oven Repair

One screwdriver and decent repair skills won’t help you fix Maytag oven efficiently. You need professional Maytag range appliance repair service. The best provider of Maytag repairs is, of course, Care & Repair. Call us to order appliance repair Maytag oven service. The closest technician will visit you and repair all the problems of your range.

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