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Our team of appliance repair technicians has been performing reliable stove repair across Toronto and the GTA for many years now. When you call us for your stove repairs, you can count on us to:

  • Offer speedy, same-day service
  • Provide a free service call if you repair with us
  • Provide experienced and skilled technicians
  • Be available to you 24/7 365 days a year
  • Offer a 1-year warranty on any job

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Common Stove Issues

When your stove breaks down, you want to know that you can rely on someone to help you get it up and running again in no time – that’s what we’re here for. Our team of technicians have the experience you can trust when your stove stops functioning properly. So give us a call when:

  • It won’t heat up.
  • A range won’t turn on.
  • An induction element won’t heat up.
  • An electric burner won’t ignite properly.
  • A stove top keeps clicking.
  • Knobs are too loose or too tight.
  • You can’t adjust heat with the knobs.
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Care & Repair is a local firm that offers high-quality appliance repair services for all the customers in Toronto and the GTA. Whether your fridge broke in Hamilton or in Oshawa, we can get to you fix it quickly!

We invite you to try out our appliance services at a fixed price in Toronto and the GTA. To make the malfunction of your appliance easier for you, we offer free diagnostics if you repair it with us. What does that mean? Once we get to your home, we will diagnose the issue with your appliance shortly. We will then give you a fair quote for the appliance service. If you decide to let our technicians fix your appliance, there will be no fee for the diagnostic! We will fix your appliance and you will pay a reasonable price for the service. On the other hand, if you decide to delay fixing your appliance, you will only have to pay the fee for the diagnostics. Afterward, you can call us anytime to restore your appliance in Toronto and the GTA.

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Skilled Technicians in Toronto & The GTA

We ensure you that our technicians will fix your appliance in Toronto and the GTA when you call us! Care & Repair constantly receives positive reviews and comments regarding our repair guys. Not only are they all certified technicians, but they are very communicative and committed to exemplary customer service. During their visit, they will fix your appliance in a timely manner and respond to any questions you may have regarding our work. Our guys will take all the necessary spare parts with them and collect them all after leaving your home, without leaving any trace behind.

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Repair service in Toronto & the GTA

If you are wondering who to call to fix your appliance in Toronto and the GTA, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! We can fix it quickly and solve all issues, breakdowns and any other types of malfunctions. Like many homeowners, you probably use your stove multiple times during a day. For example, having a large family will result in an increase in the number of times you cook. However, when your stove experiences a problem, only one day without your range would be very difficult. But with the help of our same-day stove repair service, you don’t have to go long without your stove.

Basic Maintenance Tips

Regular Cleaning

Every machine needs regular cleaning in order to keep on functioning efficiently. Clean your stove top properly after every use. Soak the burners and scrub them clean to remove any residual build up.

Burner Drip Pans and Bowls

There are drip pans beneath grates on a gas range and heating elements. Keep an eye on them and keep them cleaned. You should replace these pans once every year.

Avoid Boil-overs

These can leave long-lasting spills and visible marks on the surface. Use deep pans and kettles that prevent splattering of the boil-overs.

Do Maintenance On Time

In case you are using natural gas, you need to ensure that flow channels are uninterrupted by debris or other foreign material. You also need to replace the gas cylinder regularly to avoid any long-term issues to your range.


No. It is extremely dangerous to use a stove and other electric or gas burners to heat up your home. These items product carbon monoxide and can lead to life-threatening consequences.

If your cook top is smooth and made of glass, you should use stainless steel or heavyweight aluminum pots with a flat bottom. This type of cookware doesn’t leave a mark on the cook top.

You should check the cords to see if your stove is getting power. Try different electric outlets. If it still doesn’t work, you may need to replace the defected parts.

You should check to see if the burner openings are clogged with debris or residue material. Thoroughly clean your burners and try again.

Try turning it on. If you hear clicking and smell the gas, it is fine, but if you hear the click and don’t smell the gas, then it may be a problem with your gas flow. When there is no clicking, it indicates a problem with the igniter.

This indicates a problem with the burner. Check and see if something is blocking the burner or the burner cap is still in place. It could also be due to clogged burner openings or excess moisture trapped in the cook top. Try cleaning it with a wet towel and cleaning the burner openings.