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We founded Care & Repair with great enthusiasm and hope to become the number one provider of stove repair services in Toronto. 

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With our hard work, exceptional team of technicians and constant development of our local business, we managed to build an impeccable reputation and become the first choice of many customers that need high-quality repair services in Toronto.

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Same-day Repair Service

Our same-day repair appliance service in Toronto is ideal for every customer who needs a quick fix of any home appliance. Even if your stove stops working in the evening or early morning, you can call us! Our repair guys are always operating throughout entire Toronto. We will visit you, diagnose your problem of your appliance and give you a fair quote for labor. If you repair with us, you get a free service call!

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Skilled Senior Technicians in GTA

We ensure you that our technicians will fix your appliance in Toronto as long as you give us a call on time! Care & Repair constantly receives positive reviews and comments regarding our repair guys. Not only they are all certified technicians, but they are very communicative and kind. Stay tuned. During their visit, they will fix appliances and respond to any questions you may have regarding our company services. Our handy guys will take all the necessary spare parts with them and collect them all after leaving your home; without leaving any trace behind.

If you need our repair services in Toronto, give us a call at 📞 (647) 957-7757 or submit your request on-site. Our customer service will contact you soon!

Extended Warranty

Repair service in Toronto

If you are wondering who to call to fix your appliance in Toronto, you’ve come to the right place! We fix it quickly and solve all issues, breakdowns and any other types of malfunctions. You surely use your range multiple times during a day. Having a large family will surely results in an increase in the number of times you cook. However, when it experiences a problem, only one day without your range would be very difficult. With that in mind, we implemented our repair service in Toronto. Now, we own equipment of the highest standards and fixing stove has become extremely easy and quick for our senior technicians. If you want to try out our cook top servicing, get in touch with our repair center in Toronto.

Following is a list of some brands included.


Basic Maintenance Tips

Regular Cleaning

Every machine needs regular cleaning in order to keep on functioning efficiently. Clean your stove top properly after every use. Soak the burners and scrub them clean to remove any residual build up.

Burner Drip Pans and Bowls

There are drip pans beneath grates on a gas range and heating elements. Keep an eye on them and keep them cleaned. You should replace these pans once every year.

Avoid Boil-overs

These can leave long-lasting spills and visible marks on the surface. Use deep pans and kettles that prevent splattering of the boil-overs.

Do Maintenance On Time

In case you are using natural gas, you need to ensure that flow channels are uninterrupted by debris or other foreign material. You also need to replace the gas cylinder regularly to avoid any long-term issues to your range.

Common Problems

  • It won’t heat up.
  • A range won’t turn on.
  • A gas burner is either too slow or too fast.
  • An induction element won’t heat up.
  • An electric burner won’t heat up or is too slow to ignite properly.
  • A stove top keeps clicking.
  • Knobs are too loose or too tight.
  • A stove refuses to adjust heat with knobs.


Is it okay if I warm up my home with a stove?

No. It is extremely dangerous to use a stove and other electric or gas burners to heat up your home. These items product carbon monoxide and can lead to life-threatening consequences.

My stove cook-top is glass. What type of cookware is best of this stove?

If your cook top is smooth and made of glass, you should use stainless steel or heavyweight aluminum pots with a flat bottom. This type of cookware doesn’t leave a mark on the cook top.

The electric surface burners are not heating up. Why?

You should check the cords to see if your stove is getting power. Try different electric outlets. If it still doesn’t work, you may need to replace the defected parts.

My gas burners are heating up but slowly. What Should I do?

You should check to see if the burner openings are clogged with debris or residue material. Thoroughly clean your burners and try again.

My gas stove doesn’t even turn on. Why?

Try turning it on. If you hear clicking and smell the gas, it is fine, but if you hear the click and don’t smell the gas, then it may be a problem with your gas flow. When there is no clicking, it indicates a problem with the igniter.

My stove top keeps making click noises. What should I do?

This indicates a problem with the burner. Check and see if something is blocking the burner or the burner cap is still in place. It could also be due to clogged burner openings or excess moisture trapped in the cook top. Try cleaning it with a wet towel and cleaning the burner openings.

LG appliance repair

LG range often shows the fault code F2 on the screen. This means that there is an issue with your machine’s door lock latch. Try disassembling the door and looking for a loose screw. However, for continuous issues, you should contact an LG authorized technician.


Whirlpool is known for their innovative machines. However, its ranges can often show the fault code “LOC” on the display screen. This means that your stove has the child lock set to “on.” In this case, you should press and hold the “Start” or “Cancel” button for at least ten seconds. This will reset the child lock, and you should be able to use it.


Maytag machines have been known to show the fault code “F1:-7” to their users. This happens when the wiring between keypad and electric range control (ERC) is loose, disconnected or faulty. The best solution is to check the wiring and make sure the voltage is flowing as expected. In case you can’t fix it, you should avail the services of certified technicians.


Who doesn’t hate shorted wiring? Well, GE products have a fault code F3, which means that the temperature sensor (RTD) is either open or shorted. To fix this, check the harness and wiring between the sensor and the control panel. If the wiring checks out, replace the fault RTD with a new one.


Kenmore ranges are among the most reliable ones in the business, but sometimes, the internal temperature exceeds 600. The code F10 indicates the overheating. Make sure the temperature sensor probe is working properly. However, in case the stove is overheating too much, try replacing the control board to eliminate the issue.

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