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After analyzing the home appliance repair industry, we carefully designed one-of-a-kind Moffat appliance repair services in the GTA. For 10 years, our repair services served as an example of comprehensive services.

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We set high standards that barely any local business can reach. For that reason, Care & Repair is different and one step ahead of all our competitors. Our repair services include fridge, oven, stove, dryer, washer, and dishwasher appliances.

If you need someone to fix appliance in Toronto and the GTA, we have qualified technicians at your service. Call us at (647) 812-2863 and get a free service call if you repair with us. In addition, you can use the online form on Care & Repair website to submit your request.


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Why You Should Opt For Care & Repair?

We are different than all our competitors. Care & Repair takes customers seriously and constantly adjusts repair services according to the needs of our clientele. For that reason, we introduced quick repair, free service call and hired the best technicians in the region. Moffat is not one of the most common brands in Toronto and the GTA; that’s why Moffat appliance repair requires high-level services. You won’t find better repair guys at fixing Moffat appliances than our senior technicians.


Moffat Repair Service

Toronto is a large space that our technicians cover on a daily basis. We offer exceptional Moffat appliance repair services that, apart from being effective, are very quick. By assigning different areas to our repair guys, we are able to serve customers immediately. Only a few hours after your call, our repairmen will start fixing Moffat appliances at your home.

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Technicians with Advanced Moffat Repair Skills

Since the repair industry needs constant improvements and changes, we regularly hire new repairmen that specialize in specific type of repairs. On the other hand, we keep our senior technicians available for all appliance repair services in Toronto. In this case, we hired multiple repair guys with advanced knowledge and skills in Moffat repairs. Our repair guys obtain certifications from prestigious Universities; our repairmen know how to fix Moffat appliance in any condition, under all circumstances.

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Moffat Appliances

Moffat started developing cooking and baking products around 1920’s in New Zeeland and Australia. At the beginning, Moffat factories were distributing local markets with the ovens, cooktops, ranges and fryers. That is to say, Moffat was and still is primarily focused on baking and catering appliances. Gradually, Moffat expanded worldwide and now manufacturers a long list of household appliances worldwide.

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Moffat Fridge Repair

Once you notice that your cooler is leaking, it’s time to request Care & Repair Moffat repair service immediately. Possibly, the valve is causing the leakage and your Moffat refrigerator needs a quick fix. Our repairmen may fix Moffat fridge by using professional tools or replace specific parts of your freezer.

Moffat Washer Repair

The door of your front loader washing machine won’t unlock and you cannot get your clothes out of the washer? Relax! Using the force on your washing machine won’t help. Before breaking the door, order the Care & Repair Moffat appliance repair services. Our technicians will find the issue of your washing machine and fix Moffat washer immediately.

Moffat Dryer Repair

Your Moffat drying machine does not tumble? The chances are that some of the parts of your Moffat dryer broke. With Moffat dryer repair service, our technicians will fix Moffat drying machine by replacing all the broken parts. Whether it’s a belt, drum support rollers or parts of the motor, we will make your Moffat dryer work properly again.


Moffat Dishwasher Repair

Seeing the crumbs and food on your dishes after taking them out of the dishwashing machine is a real nightmare. You should stop these occurrences before the problems get even more serious. The best way to fix Moffat dishwasher is to order Care & Repair Moffat dishwasher appliance repair service. After our repairmen are done fixing Moffat dishwasher machine at your home, your dishes will be completely clean again.

Moffat Stove Repair

The switches of your range don’t adjust the heat of the cooktop properly and you don’t know how to fix this issue? Call Care & Repair technicians and specify that you need Moffat stove appliance repair! We will send the closest repairmen to fix Moffat range in your house. Soon enough, all of your switches will work properly again.

Moffat Oven Repair

If the door of your range won’t close, you won’t be able to use your oven properly. Let Care & Repair fix Moffat oven in your house by repairing or replacing the door of your range. Call us and let us know that you need help in fixing Moffat oven. We will bring the necessary spare parts and fix Moffat range rapidly.

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