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Are you in need of expert washer repair? Look no further, Care & Repair Appliances offers superior wash repair to all of Toronto and the GTA. When you call us for washer repair you can rely on us to offer: 

  • Offer speedy, same-day service
  • Provide a free service call if you repair with us
  • Provide experienced and skilled technicians
  • Be available to you 24/7 365 days a year
  • Offer a 1-year warranty on any job

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Extended Warranty

Common Washer Issues

⚙ faulty drain hose ⚙ fill hose ⚙ drain pump
⚙ water-inlet valve and tub

When your washer is giving you trouble, you need a fast, reliable repair service that can get it back in working order.  The team at Care & Repair Appliances offer professional washer repair you can count on. Our technicians can handle any washer problem you may have, including: 

  • Machine not filling with water
  • Drum not turning
  • Machine stopping mid-cycle
  • Washer making weird sounds
  • Water not draining
  • Washer won’t spin
  • Door won’t open
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Service Areas

Care & Repair is a local firm that offers high-quality appliance repair services for all the customers in Toronto and the GTA. Whether your fridge broke in Hamilton or in Oshawa, we can get to you fix it quickly!

We invite you to try out our appliance services at a fixed price in Toronto and the GTA. To make the malfunction of your appliance easier for you, we offer free diagnostics if you repair it with us. What does that mean? Once we get to your home, we will diagnose the issue with your appliance shortly. We will then give you a fair quote for the appliance service. If you decide to let our technicians fix your appliance, there will be no fee for the diagnostic! We will fix your appliance and you will pay a reasonable price for the service. On the other hand, if you decide to delay fixing your appliance, you will only have to pay the fee for the diagnostics. Afterward, you can call us anytime to restore your appliance in Toronto and the GTA.

Appliance Brands We Can Repair

Same-day professional repair service

If you work with us, the diagnostics of your appliance will turn out to be completely free. Also, if you only want an estimated cost for our appliance services after we diagnose the problem, you will be charged a fair quote for the diagnostics. You can call us whenever you decide to get the appliance fixed.

We fix appliance across the GTA the same day you give us a call. We know once your appliance stops working, all you can think of is fixing it. Wave a cost of a service call if you choose with us! We will make sure that our visit is very efficient and productive, just like every aspect of our services. Due to our responsibility, we can even visit you in the evening and do the quick repair your appliance needs. Regardless of your exact location, just let us know and expect the same-day appointment!

Trained and expirienced senior technicians

Our handy guys take their job very seriously and our appliance repair services wouldn’t be so amazing without them. We gathered a team of certified technicians that solve issues that seem impossible to fix your oven, stove or washing machine. Our company in Toronto grew enormously because of our reliable, hardworking them. Experienced repair guys invest themselves in providing the best repair services and that’s one of the secrets of our success.

If you need our repair services, give us a call at 📞 (647) 812-2863  You can also submit your request directly on our website, and we will get back to you soon!


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Affordable repair serivce right when you need it

Doing your laundry is, of course, one of the regular tasks that all your family depends on. No matter how many family members you have, there is always more than enough dirty clothes, waiting for the next laundry. As long as only for one week a washing machine stops working, you will have a big problem!

Doing your laundry is, of course, one of the regular tasks that all your family depends on. No matter how many family members you have, there is always more than enough dirty clothes, waiting for the next laundry. As long as only for one week a washing machine stops working, you will have a big problem!

When you noticed that your appliance is heating up, drying your clothes excessively, making strange noises, leaking, shutting down, crumbling your clothes or anything similar, you should direct to our service center in Toronto.

Our technicians know how to fix all brands of washing machines. If you repaired with us, you would get a free service call and a same-day repair. Our customers know exactly who to call to fix almost all makes; join them and become another satisfied customer that we will gladly serve for a long time!

Our customer service in Toronto is very responsible and quick. After you contact us through the website or give us a service call, we will organize to get to you as soon as possible!

With us, you can get an affordable repair and avoid any trouble that the malfunction of your washing machine may cause. In fact, our oven, stove, dryer repairs at a fixed price in the GTA is surely the most beneficial for your budget in the entire area.


The washing machine ought to be level for proper operation. In case the washer runs off the balance, it will cause further damage to the appliance. Thus, you will be forced to call a repair service company.

You can fill the top load one until the top of the agitator and front load washing machine until the tub is full of clothes, with minimal compression.

Reduce the amount of detergent input by half. If your clothes do not seem clean, increase that amount gradually, until finding the perfect balance.

Turning the clothes inside out will help preserve the quality of the fabric. It does not, however, affect performance.

Yes. Although front-load washing machines are more expensive, their performance is significantly better.

The water available in your home is the same water entering your washing machine. If the water is not too hot, it will not be able to stay warm inside the appliance. Additionally, there could be a problem with the water-inlet valve of the device. In that case, you must call a knowledgeable repairman to fix your washing machine.