Tappan Appliance Repair

Care & Repair introduces the game-changing appliance repair services in Toronto and the GTA. We serve our customers for a good price across Toronto and the GTA area. With certified technicians, we can fix any stove, oven, fridge, dryer, dishwasher or washer for you.

tappan appliance repair

If you have a Tappan appliance, you should definitely use our appliance repair Tappan service. We designed Tappan service to meet all the needs of our customers so you are welcome to try out our Tappan repairs anytime.

Our repair services in Toronto and the GTA are only one call away. Call (647) 812-2863 and get a free of charge service call if you repair with us. You can also contact us through Care & Repair website. The customer service will get back to you as soon as possible.


Why Opt for Care & Repair?

Same-day repair, senior technicians and end-to-end Tappan repair services are everything you need from a trustworthy service provider. Care & Repair has a 100% customer satisfaction, which is a result of our hard work and constant improvements. We managed to spread across the entire Toronto and the GTA area thanks to the quality of our repair services. By choosing us, you will get a supportive partner that is always available for all appliance repairs in your house.

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Same-Day Tappan Appliance Repair

If you need a quick repair, there is no better Tappan service than ours. Care & Repair has multiple vans ready to head to your home address any time of the day. After receiving your request, our technicians will be at your door soon. The same-day repair is an exceptional Tappan repair service that our customers especially praise. We never let down our clientele. Call us today and we will fix Tappan appliance for you faster than you imagined!


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A Team of Professional Technicians

Professionalism and teamwork of our technicians were some of the main factors of our success. We knew that only a good team can open all the doors of the appliance repair industry to Care & Repair. After a long, tactical selection, we formed the one-of-a-kind team of certified senior technicians. Our repairmen are experienced in fixing Tappan appliances of oldest and newest generations. Care & Repair technicians are also very considerate. For that reason, your house will stay as clean as it was before the arrival of our repairmen. No necessary mess, no dirty spots.

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Tappan Appliances

W. J. Tappan founded Tappan appliances in Bellaire, Ohio in 1881 by the name Ohio Valley Foundry Company. Originally, Tappan was selling only stoves so the company change the name to Tappan Stove Company. Although their menu expanded today, Tappan is still primarily known for producing and selling stoves and other cooking products.

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Tappan Fridge Repair

If your Tappan cooler needs a quick repair, you know who to call! Care & Repair offers one-of-a-kind Tappan fridge appliance repair. With a fully stocked van, we will serve and maintain your Tappan refrigerator. Let us know if your freezer is leaking or experiencing any issue. Our repairmen are fixing Tappan fridge for a good price so do not hesitate to order Tappan service today.

Tappan Washer Repair

If your Tappan washing machine makes strange noises or has a leakage, give us a quick call to order Tappan washer appliance repair service. Our repair guys will start fixing Tappan washer soon after you submit your request for the Tappan service. With all the spare parts stocked in our vans, our technicians can fix absolutely every issue of your Tappan washing machine.

Tappan Dryer Repair

When your drying machine starts wrinkling clothes, it’s the first sign of a serious breakdown. Avoid spending hours ironing clothes and order our Tappan dryer appliance repair service. The repairmen will find the reason behind the poor performance of your drying machine swiftly. Afterward, the repair guys will offer a fair quote for our Tappan dryer repair service.


Tappan Dishwasher Repair

Tappan dishwashing machines usually feature a traditional design and options so Tappan dishwasher service requires senior technicians. Care & Repair will confidently send our technicians to fix Tappan dishwasher in your kitchen. Fixing Tappan dishwashing machine doesn’t take any longer than a few hours for our repairmen. Give us a quick call and order extraordinary Care & Repair Tappan appliance repair service.

Tappan Stove Repair

You have an antique Tappan stovetop and you are not sure if there is a technician who repairs Tappan stove in Toronto and the GTA? You just found us! Care & Repair Tappan stove appliance repair service includes the repairs of antique and innovative Tappan cooktops. Let us know if you need our appliance repair Tappan service and will gladly serve you.

Tappan Oven Repair

Electric Tappan range is prone to frequent breakdowns. For that reason, you need an all-inclusive Tappan oven appliance repair service. Apart from fixing Tappan range in one day, we will maintain your Tappan oven in a perfect condition. Care & Repair is always one call away from you. Whenever you need our appliance repair Tappan oven service, call us quickly and we will be with you soon.

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