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What Makes Us Different?

When we founded Care & Repair 10 years ago, people in Newmarket were finally able to order high-quality repair services. After working actively across Newmarket and surrounding areas, we earned the 100% customer satisfaction that reflects our commitment and professionalism. We invite you to order our appliance repair services in Newmarket and become another satisfied, long-term customer.

Newmarket Appliance Repair Service

Care & Repair appliance repair services in Newmarket are reliable, fast and efficient. We fix appliances in Newmarket for a good price and we give a warranty of up to one year on all our repair services. Despite the high quality of our repairs, we offer an affordable appliance repair service in Newmarket.  In addition, we offer a free service call for all the customers in Newmarket. Therefore, you can hire professional technicians to fix your appliances for the most reasonable price in Newmarket.

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Same-day Repair in Newmarket

Do you need a quick repair for your appliances in Newmarket? Care & Repair offers the same-day repair service that allows us to repair appliances in Newmarket within one day. With multiple fully stocked vans circulating around Newmarket, we can send senior technicians to you immediately. All you need to do is call our customer centre at (Number) and tell us your exact location. After you order our appliance repair services, we will direct the repairmen to your house.

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If you need our appliance repair services in Newmarket, please call us at (647) 812-2863. You will wave the cost of a service call if you repair with us! In addition, you can contact us through Care & Repair website and wait for our customer support to respond shortly.


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Senior Technicians with Hands-On Experience

Apart from obtaining reputable certifications, our technicians have an advanced hands-on experience. The repairmen at Care & Repair have been fixing appliances in Newmarket for years. During those years, our repair guys learned how to fix every appliance from our menu. Therefore, our appliance repair services in Newmarket are unlimited; we fix appliances in Newmarket of all brands and all makes.

Our Happy Clients

Newmarket Fridge Repair

Finding a professional technician who repairs fridges in Newmarket is easier than you think. If you need an effective freezer service in Newmarket, Care & Repair is here for you! Please call us and let us fix your cooler in Newmarket. Our technicians are experienced in fixing coolers of all brands and all makes. Therefore, we can repair any refrigerator with our fridge repair service in Newmarket.

Newmarket Washer Repair

If you have a spoiled washing machine, it won’t take long until the whole house starts feeling the consequences of a faulty washer. Therefore, you need to prevent the issue of your washing machine from evolving. The best way to fix your washer in Newmarket is to order Care & Repair washing machine service. As soon as you call us, our repairmen will head to your house to repair your washing machine.

Newmarket Dryer Repair

Fixing a bad thermostat of your drying machine requires high-level repair skills and equipment. At Care & Repair, we have professional technicians and excellent equipment required for the dryer repair in Newmarket. You can order our dryer repair service in Newmarket or contacting us through the website. We will gladly fix your drying machine the same day you request our dryer service in Newmarket.


Newmarket Dishwasher Repair

If your dishwashing machine is leaking through the sides of the door, you will have to deal with leaks until you order our dishwasher service! When you request dishwashing machine servicing from Care & Repair, our technicians will bring the spare parts to fix your dishwasher quickly. Following, the repair guys will replace the door gasket of your dishwashing machine and stop the leakage.

Newmarket Stove Repair

If your stovetop won’t warm up, one of the burners probably needs a replacement. With our cooktop repair service, we can replace and repair every element of your range. The professional repairmen at Care & Repair fix stoves of all brands and all makes. Therefore, all you need to do is call us and order stove service in Newmarket.

Newmarket Oven Repair

While a little smoke coming out of the range when you broil foods is okay, too much smoke is alarming! You should not have to deal with a cloud of smoke every time you open the oven. Therefore, you need to order Care & Repair oven service in Newmarket. We will detect the reason behind all that smoke and fix your range immediately.

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