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Care & Repair offers advanced appliance services in Stouffville that can meet the requirements of every customer. We are fast, productive and exceptionally responsible. If you book any of our repair services, you won’t have to call twice or ask when will our technicians going to visit you. We always respect our agreements and justify your trust with our high-quality appliance repair services in Stouffville.

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Stouffville Appliance Repair Service

Is any of your home appliances causing you a lot of problems lately? Perhaps even more than one? It’s not uncommon for people to have multiple appliances working poorly at the same time. Care & Repair team is experienced at fixing all the devices from our list of appliance repair services in Stouffville. Apart from visiting local homes, we offer our repair services to companies with many appliances that require regular maintenance.


Same-day Appliance Repair Service

Our team is aware that covering the entire Stouffville region with one vehicle is not possible. Not only because the area is large but because we get many orders of our appliance repair services in Stouffville. For that reason, Care & Repair strategically purchased multiple vehicles and expanded our team. That way, we are always available to our customers from every part of Stouffville. Same-day repair is a popular feature of our appliance services so you can use this advantage as well!

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If you need any of our appliance repair services in Stouffville, give us a call at (647) 812-2863. You can also contact us through our website and wait for the response of our customer service team.


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Our senior technicians represent Care & Repair everywhere they go. Being aware of that fact, we only hired highly experienced, certified repairmen. Our repair guys do an amazing job at providing our appliance services in Stouffville. Almost every customer sends us an email following the visit of our technicians. These emails are always full of support and gratitude. That being said, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our professional technicians as well. Our repair guys do their best to fix every appliance quickly, without damaging the quality of the repair service. If our technicians see that one visit is not enough to fix your appliance, they will let you know beforehand.

Our Happy Clients

Stouffville Fridge Repair

Your refrigerator is failing to reach the desired temperature? If they haven’t already, your food and drinks will start showing consequences of that issue soon! The problem might be the defrost thermostat and we can fix your cooler by replacing that part. Just call us and state that you need our fridge repair service.

Stouffville Washer Repair

The tub of your washing machine is not moving? It surely looks hopeless, doesn’t it? Don’t worry because our dishwashing machine servicing can fix that issue! The problem might only be the washer belt. Only by replacing this relatively small part of your washer, its tub will start spinning again!

Stouffville Dryer Repair

Your drying machine could experience many problems if you don’t maintain it regularly. In case you noticed that your dryer is not heating up, the time for drying machine servicing has come! One of the causes might be the blocked ventilation so let our repair guys take care of it.


Stouffville Dishwasher Repair

Getting your dishes out of the dishwashing machine and seeing a bunch of food and crumbs on them is not pleasant at all. If you don’t seek our dishwasher service, it will keep happening. One of the causes of that occurrence may be the clogged or dirty filter. Don’t touch anything at your own risk and let us repair your dishwashing machine instead.

Stouffville Stove Repair

Regulating the temperature of your cooktop is essential for its use. However, the range is prone to losing the ability to regulate the temperature and that’s when it needs our range repair service. If you don’t request our stove servicing, you will only be able to turn on and turn off your cooktop, rather than adjusting the heat.

Stouffville Oven Repair

You are so used to the self-cleaning feature of your oven that you can’t imagine cleaning it on your own. However, maybe you noticed that the range hasn’t cleaned itself the last couple of times after the use. There could be various reasons why, including temperature control thermostat and thermal fuse. Our senior technicians easily diagnose the issue with our oven repair service.

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