East Gwillimbury Appliance Repair

Look no further for comprehensive appliance repair in East Gwillimbury.  Care & Repair senior technicians work locally and are waiting for your call.  Vans are fully stocked with specific parts to fix every make and model of washer, dryer, dishwasher, oven, range, and refrigerator.  We diagnose and fix washer lid switches and dryer drums, electrical issues, burner problems, dryer vent pipes, dishwasher hoses, and more.  Care & Repair’s services in East Gwillimbury are easily accessed by a simple free phone call when you book with us.

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East Gwillimbury Appliance Repair Service

East Gwillimbury Care & Repair has the answers to your appliance repair conundrums.  If you are baffled by a clogged air duct or vent pipe, our technicians will be on our way when you call, to diagnose and repair your dryer so you can get all of the laundry done before bedtime.

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Care & Repair guarantees that we will fix any appliance in East Gwillimbury within the same day we receive a client’s call.  An appliance breakdown can be messy and frustrating, especially when it puts your life on pause.  Since we value your time, let us diagnose and repair your appliance issues.  Get back to normal quicker with East Gwillimbury Care & Repair.

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Our prices for East Gwillimbury appliance repair are fair and competitive.  You can make a call to us for no charge when you book our appliance repair services in East Gwillimbury.  We will send our same-day service professionals to resolve of your requests.  Care & Repair services East Gwillimbury is at your beck and call.  Our agents are locally located and placed throughout the township to service all areas of East Gwillimbury.


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If you live in East Gwillimbury or neighboring areas and are looking for a friendly, professional appliance repair technician to help you with your stove, washer, freezer, dryer, or any other appliance, call us today at (647) 812-2863. You can also fill out our brief contact form on our website, and we’ll get in touch with you to get all your appliance repair needs met!

Get 25$ OFF Any Repair

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East Gwillimbury Washer Repair Service

Is your washer is shaking too much?  Or is it not spinning when it’s supposed to?  Your clothes are probably stuck in a sloppy wet mass in the washer drum and the laundry won’t get done.  Call East Gwillimbury Care & Repair technicians to come to your aid.  We can fix the washer’s lid switch, or drum balance problems so you can keep moving through your laundry piles and finish sooner.   Don’t hesitate to call us today.

East Gwillimbury Dryer Repair Service

Is your dryer’s drum not venting properly?  Has the dryer’s vent pipe become detached?  If your dryer is turning out clothes that are still damp, call us now at East Gwillimbury Care & Repair.  We will have your dryer fixed in no time, before your damp clothing starts to smell musty.

East Gwillimbury Dishwasher Repair Service

If your dishwasher has spilled water on the floor and it’s filled with suds on the inside, an expert from East Gwillimbury Care & Repair can help.  If you want a correct diagnosis and speedy repair of your dishwasher’s problem, we can stop the overflowing and restore the dishwasher’s function to normal so the dishes can get done without the fuss and the mess.  Call your experienced local technicians at East Gwillimbury Care & Repair now.


East Gwillimbury Fridge Repair Service

Is your fridge not cooling the air within?  You food could spoil from being at a higher than optimal storage temperature for too long.  Perhaps you need a Freon replacement.  The refrigerator experts at East Gwillimbury Care & Repair have the know-how and the parts to fix your fridge.  Call us and get the diagnosis and repair before your food starts to smell bad.

East Gwillimbury Oven Repair Service

Is your oven door hanging open?  Or perhaps the oven is running random temperatures and won’t cook your food evenly.  Or maybe it acts up just once in a while.  The knowledgeable oven experts at East Gwillimbury Care & Repair have the parts to fix it, whether it’s the door springs or something more serious.  Call today to book their oven repair services.

East Gwillimbury Stove Repair Service

Wondering what is wrong with your stove’s gas burner when all of the eyes light but then half of them go out?  Perhaps there is a leak or a disconnect in the stove burner’s supply valve.  Maybe there’s a sound of gas rushing to the burner but it won’t light.  Contact East Gwillimbury Care & Repair for local service that goes the extra mile for you.  Let us fix your stove and get your food warming evenly again, every time.

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