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Our company counts over 10 years of a successful operation across Bolton and surrounding areas. We offer end-to-end appliance repair services in Bolton.

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With senior technicians, advanced equipment and same-day repair, we became the leading provider of repair services in Bolton. You should hire us because we meet the highest standards of the appliance repair industry.

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Quick Fix in Bolton

If you are tired of a technician postponing the visit endlessly, it’s time to order repair services with real results! Care & Repair offers the same-day repair service in Bolton. With various fully stocked vans driving around Bolton, we always have a repairman close to your home. For that reason, we will direct the technicians to your location right after you order our appliance services. Consequently, we will repair your appliance in Bolton the same day.


Professional and Skilled Repairmen

The experience of our repairmen allows Care & Repair to constantly expand our appliance repair services in Bolton. The technicians that work for us are skilled in all types of appliance repairs. Therefore, our repair guys will fix appliances of oldest and newest generations, without any limits. If you need our senior technicians to fix multiple appliances in your house, we don’t have any problem with that! Just order our repair services in Bolton and we can fix as many appliances as you need.

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In case you are looking for an affordable appliance repair services in Bolton, please contact us at (647) 812-2863 . We offer you a free service call if you repair with us. Moreover, you can fill the contact form on Care & Repair website and submit your order. Our customer service will respond to your request shortly.


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Get 25$ OFF Any Repair

Bolton Appliance Repair Service

Care & Repair appliance repair services in Bolton are reliable, fast, accurate and affordable. Apart from the free service call, we offer a warranty of up to one year on all the repair services. You can call us anytime and we will happily fix your appliances in Bolton for a good price. Discover why we hold the 100% customer satisfaction for 10 years and order our appliance repair services in Bolton.

Bolton Fridge Repair

In case your freezer is melting even if your temperature is supposedly adjusted properly, you should call Care & Repair! With our refrigerator service, we will stop the melting of your cooler and fix your fridge immediately. In only one day, our repair guys can repair your refrigerator and restore its primary function.

Bolton Washer Repair

Is your washing machine leaking and you don’t know how finally clean the puddle of water in your bathroom? It is nearly impossible for you to fix the washer in your house without any repair skills and equipment. For that reason, you can order Care & Repair washer service and we will stop the leaks for you instead.

Bolton Dryer Repair

If your dryer is wrinkling the clothes and making more trouble than benefit, it’s time to order our dryer service. With senior technicians and high-quality equipment, we will fix your drying machine in Bolton quickly and efficiently! After our dryer servicing, your drying machine will stop damaging your clothes. Moreover, the appliance will perform better than ever!


Bolton Dishwasher Repair

When your dishwasher fails to turn on, the first thing you need to do is check if the electric cable is plugged in. If it is, it’s time to call Care & Repair and order dishwasher repair service in Bolton! We will revise the power supply and electric elements of your dishwashing machine right away. After finding the issue, we will start fixing dishwasher for you immediately.

Bolton Stove Repair

The performance of your stovetop should always be impeccable or else you won’t be able to use all the benefits of the cooktop. As soon as you notice a sign of a malfunction, order our stove repair service in Bolton. Without any delays, our technicians will fix your range in Bolton and ensure your stove keeps performing perfectly.

Bolton Oven Repair

A broken door will disrupt the performance of your range completely if you don’t order oven repair service on time. The temperature of the range will be inconsistent and you might not even be able to use the appliance. Our fully stocked vans contain spare parts and equipment that can fix absolutely any oven in Bolton! If you call Care & Repair and order our oven service, we will fix the door of your range immediately.

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