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If you are seeking the best provider of appliance repair services in Schomberg, you’ve come to the right place! Care & Repair offers an affordable appliance repair in Schomberg that satisfies the needs of every customer. We can fix your stove, oven, fridge, dryer, washer, and dishwasher in Schomberg efficiently! The 100% customer satisfaction of Care & Repair serves as another confirmation of our quality appliance repair services.

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Schomberg Appliance Repair Service

Our affordable appliance repair services in Schomberg feature a free service call and same-day repair service. You can get the best repair services in Schomberg for a good price if you hire us. Care & Repair offers a warranty of up to one year on all our repair services in Schomberg. Therefore, you can call us anytime if you need assistance with the repetitive or new issues of your appliances.


Fixing Appliances the Same Day

The speed of our repair services is one of the main characteristics of Care & Repair. Our local business developed largely by introducing the same-day repair. Our customers love the idea of having a provider of repair services in Schomberg that is always available. Care & Repair technicians can service and maintain your appliances in Schomberg anytime and anywhere. Just call us and we will fix your appliance within a couple of hours.

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You can call us at (647) 812-2863 and order our appliance repair services in Schomberg anytime. We work 365 days a year so you can get a free service call if you repair with us. Also, there is an online contact form on Care & Repair website that you can use to submit your request.


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A team of Professional Repair Guys

Understanding the importance of the staff is the key of every successful company, including our local business. We became the leader in the appliance repair industry by hiring professional repairmen with amazing repair skills. For 10 years, our repair guys have been working actively on behalf of Care & Repair. In order to show our respect and appreciation, we often reward and motivate our senior technicians. Other motivations for our technicians are the customers and the compliments that we receive regarding the work of the repairmen.

Our Happy Clients

Schomberg Fridge Repair

Is your freezer leaking excessively and you don’t know how to fix your refrigerator? You need to call Care & Repair and order our fridge service in Schomberg. We will examine your cooler and find the best solution to stop the leaks. After our refrigerator repair service, your fridge is not going to leak and it’s also going to perform much better!

Schomberg Washer Repair

Do you have a washer that stopped working mid-cycle and your clothes got stuck inside the drum? Don’t try to open the door because all the water inside the washer will end up on your bathroom floor! Instead, order our washer repair service in Schomberg and let our repairmen fix your washing machine instantly.

Schomberg Dryer Repair

A faulty thermal fuse of your drying machine will prevent your dryer from heating up, even when the appliance is running. Since that problem cannot fix by itself, you need to order our dryer repair service in Schomberg. Our technicians will fix your dryer at a fixed price, regardless of your location, brand or model of your dryer.


Schomberg Dishwasher Repair

If your dishwashing machine has a drying problem, there is possibly an issue with the heating elements of your unit. With our dishwasher repair service, our technicians will detect the exact problem and then fix our dishwashing machine in Schomberg. After the dishwasher service, your dishwashing machine will clean and dry the dishes better than before.

Schomberg Stove Repair

Does your stove get too hot from the outside when you are using the cooktop? While stovetops tend to get hot, the temperature on the sides of the unit should still be bearable. Therefore, an exaggerated heat of the door or the sides of your stove requires our stove repair service. Contact us to order Care & Repair range servicing in Schomberg and we will gladly fix your range today.

Schomberg Oven Repair

Faulty switchers of your range could mess up your whole oven and all the food you put inside the range. In order to avoid any damage, you should order Care & Repair oven service in Schomberg. We can repair the switches of your range in no longer than a couple of hours or even minutes. For a good price, we will serve and maintain your oven in Schomberg regularly and efficiently.

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