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Care & Repair is a mixture of amazing technicians, equipment and extraordinary appliance repair services in North York. We have been building our reputation for five years. In these years, we served and maintained appliances in North York and surrounding areas and we continue to provide the same services to this day. If you have a stove, oven, fridge, dryer, dishwasher or washer that needs our repair services in North York, just call us!

Our repairmen will bring the necessary tools in a fully stocked van and head to your home. Without making you carry your large appliances to our office, we will fix appliances directly in your house!

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North York Appliance Repair Service

We offer a great opportunity to get a discount on our repair services in North York! Namely, you can wave a cost of a service call if you repair with us! That being said, we will come at your home, diagnose the issue of your appliance and give you a reasonable price for the repair service. If you want to proceed, we will not charge you anything for the diagnostics and you will only pay a fair quote of the repair service.

We are available on weekends, holidays and just anytime you need Care & Repair appliance services in North York!


Same-day Repair Service

Due to a high demand of fast appliance repair services, we introduced the same-day repair. This service allows us to fix appliances in North York the same day you call us. Since we always have a couple of vehicles on the move, we will send a nearby technician to check your appliances. That being said, you won’t have to wait for longer than a few hours for our repair service in North York. You won’t need to postpone your plans or worry about anything. Our repair guys will fix your appliance on time for the next meal.

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If you need our appliance services in North York, please call us at (647) 812-2863. You can also contact us by filling the contact form on our website.


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Get 25$ OFF Any Repair

Professional and Experienced Technicians

The team spirit and motivation of our technicians are always present so our repair guys truly love working for Care & Repair. We appreciate their effort and reward our repairmen accordingly so each one of our repair guys feels comfortable being a part of our group. The great environment enhances the quality of our appliance repair services in North York. Not only our technicians have elite certifications but they are very kind, communicative, and polite.

Our Happy Clients

North York Fridge Repair

Are you experiencing poor cooling of your refrigerator? Clogged coils could be the cause of that occurrence! Since you can’t fix your cooler alone, just call Care & Repair. Our repair guys will bring all the necessary equipment and repair your fridge during the very first visit.

North York Washer Repair

You can’t adjust the right mode of your washer? The modern technology requires quick washing machine service because only one wrong move can damage your washer permanently. Our technicians repair all brands and all makes so they will provide the best washer repair service to you as well.

North York Dryer Repair

If the temperature switch of your dryer is broken, you are at risk of burning your clothes! To prevent major consequences, we offer you Care & Repair drying machine servicing. Our repair guys will fix your dryer and let you use it normally again.


North York Dishwasher Repair

Some problems of your dishwasher could appear right after the purchase. If you hired an amateur technician or installed the dryer alone, your drying machine might not drain or perform properly. One of the reasons could be that you did not remove the drain plug. Let our repairmen fix your drying machine and please call us for your appliance repair needs in the future.

North York Stove Repair

Bad burners can stop you from using your range completely. However, Care & Repair stove service includes the replacement of the burners! Just let us know and our repair guys will bring all the spare parts and fix your range.

North York Oven Repair

The temperature of your range won’t adjust properly? There is probably a temperature regulation problem! Before you burn your food, call Care & Repair and ask for our oven service. We will send our technicians to fix your range shortly!

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