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Care & Repair offers outstanding, quick repair services in Hamilton for a good price. We promote quality repair services that aspire reliability and durability. Therefore, we hope to have a long-term collaboration with you.

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Our technicians can fix appliances in Hamilton in one day, without any delays. We repair stoves, ovens, fridges, dryers, washers, and dishwashers in Hamilton. You can call us anytime and order our all-inclusive repair services.

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Hamilton Appliance Repair Services

With an aim to become the leading provider of appliance repair services in Hamilton, Care & Repair combined the best technicians with an affordable appliance repair and high-quality services. Our business strategy resulted as extremely successful as now we serve and maintain appliances in the entire Hamilton. The quality of our repair services in Hamilton reflects through the 100% customer satisfaction. Additionally, we give a warranty of up to one year on all our repairs in Hamilton and surrounding areas. Therefore, you can be sure that the effect of our repair services is long-lasting.

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Same-day Repair Service in Hamilton

Fixing appliances in Hamilton within one day is one of the main characteristics of Care & Repair appliance repair services. We always keep several vehicles on the field, waiting for the next appliance repair order. When we receive your request, our technicians head to your home address immediately. With all the equipment stocked in the van, we are able to fix appliances in Hamilton instantly. Call us if you need a quick repair and we will be with you soon.

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We will gladly provide our appliance repair services in Hamilton to you. Reach out to us by dialling (647) 812-2863 and ordering a specific repair service. If you repair with us, you get a free service call! You can also contact us by filling the form on Care & Repair website.


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Experienced Senior Technicians

Repairmen at Care & Repair are highly experienced in fixing appliances in Hamilton. Our repair guys are skilled in all types of appliance repairs. Therefore, if you have a stove, oven, fridge, dryer, washer or dishwasher that requires an effective appliance repair, call us. We have the best team of senior technicians in Hamilton. Our repairmen can fix appliances of all brands and all makes. Therefore, Care & Repair technicians will tackle a problem of your appliance quickly. Order our Hamilton appliance repair service and witness the professionalism of our technicians.

Our Happy Clients

Hamilton Fridge Repair

Care & Repair fridge appliance repair service in Hamilton includes the detection of the issue and cooler repair service. If your freezer is leaking, we can find the problem easily. Our professional technicians are experienced in all types of refrigerator repairs in Hamilton. Following the estimation, our repairmen will fix your fridge in Hamilton the same day.

Hamilton Washer Repair

In case your washing machine is not spinning, there is a high chance that your washer has a broken belt. Our repairmen can replace the belt of your washing machine as a part of our washer appliance repair in Hamilton. We will also serve and maintain your washing machine regularly. All you need to do is call us and order Care & Repair washing machine servicing.

Hamilton Dryer Repair

If your drying machine is not heating, it automatically means that your appliance will not dry your clothes properly. We will check the settings of your drying machine and apply an adequate dryer repair service. Our repair guys will find the problem of your drying machine and fix the dryer in your home instantly.


Hamilton Dishwasher Repair

Did you notice that your dishwashing machine is not draining properly? Possibly, your dishwasher has a faulty drain hose or filters. In order to fix a dishwasher at your house, you will need to request our outstanding dishwasher repair service. Care & Repair technicians will repair the dishwasher for you and eliminate the drainage issue of your dishwashing machine.

Hamilton Stove Repair

The loose coils of your stovetop will gradually lose the connection with the terminal. When that happens, your cooktop will not be able to heat anymore. In order to save your range from a breakdown, order our stove repair service on time. Our professional technicians will service and maintain your cooktop in Hamilton for a reasonable price.

Hamilton Oven Repair

A spoiled temperature regulator of your range will prevent you from adjusting the heat of your oven. Consequently, the problem of your range will affect the quality of your food. You can call Care & Repair technicians to fix oven for you in Hamilton. We will send a qualified repair guy who repairs ranges in Hamilton immediately!

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