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When all household appliances are running like clockwork, and nothing distract you from your daily plans, we take it for granted. As soon as any appliance starts demonstrating signs of malfunctioning, the sound daily routine fails, it brings us a discomfort and numerous questions how to troubleshoot the problem. The easiest and quickest solution of the problem is to apply to the certified professionals who will correctly detect the cause of the problem and provide the high quality repair service. If your living place is London, you are lucky to have chance to become one of the satisfied clients of Care&Repair and quickly return to your smooth daily routine.

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Due to our many years’ experience we are familiar with all appliance troubles ever happened. We bring to life all appliances of any type from the oldest models to the most modern ones.

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To prevent any appliance failures, it is highly recommended fulfil regular cleanings or schedule maintenance of your appliances.

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The high quality repair service is the main feature of Care&Repair. That is what made us the leading repair service company in London.

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All our services and part replacement are covered with warranty up to 1 year. We don’t just repair, we repair properly.

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Care&Repair provides appliance repair services on the particular day you give us a call, email or text us. No matter what time is shown on your watch, you are welcome to let us know about your appliance problem. To fix the urgent problem we will send the professional repairmen to your place at once. Day or night, workday or day off – we are at your service around the clock seven days a week.


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Our client support center is always ready to render assistance regarding any appliance issue. We do all our best to solve your appliance problem within the shortest time range.

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The outstanding reviews of our clients is the proof we are doing our job at a top professional level. And that is our greatest reward!

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London Fridge Repair

Refrigerator is the key kitchen appliance. To prevent the food from spoiling and provide us with refreshing drinks, the refrigerator is working nonstop 24 hours a day. If the refrigerator is out of order, you are to go eat outside or do groceries every day that is inconvenient and pretty costly. If you notice any of these failure, you need the professional help:
· The icemaker is malfunctioning.
· The water is accumulating inside of the refrigerator.
· The appliance makes unusual sounds.
· It is not cooling.
· The freezer is cold, but the refrigerator is warm.
No need to postpone the solution of the problem, if it can be troubleshot at a moment’s notice.

London Washer Repair

Nowadays we even don’t realize how much time we save due to our washing machine. Its proper functioning is out of question. Handwashing is fantasy-like, that’s why if the washing machine is not working properly, the growing piles of dirty clothes may turn into the real disaster. Usually our clients encounter the following washing machine issues:
· The washing machine won’t fill with water.
· The appliance is not spinning properly.
· It doesn’t finish a cycle.
· The washer doesn’t advance to the next cycle.
· The washing machine is leaking.

London Dryer Repair

For people who are tied of time and aren’t able to wait till the clothes are dry, the drying machine is really the irreplaceable appliance. When it is not working, it can be too stressful. The typical failures of the dryer are as follows:
· The dryer is running but it is not heating up.
· The clothes are still wet after a full cycle.
· The drying machine produces thumping sounds.
· The dryer is taking too long to dry the clothes.
Don’t worsen the situation, repair the dryer on time.


London Dishwasher Repair

If you have a big family, washing dishes by hand is definitely not the best entertainment activity. That’s why the dishwashing machine is considered to a very important appliance in each household. If it stops working properly, it can cause a catastrophe – the piles of dirty dishes around the entire kitchen. To prevent much larger piles of dirty dishes, one should fix the problem as soon as possible. The most typical dish washer issues are:
· The dishwashing machine is not turning on.
· The appliance is running too long.
· Dishes are still dirty after a full cycle.
· It is leaking.

London Stove Repair

If you got used to have the fried eyes for your breakfast, you won’t be much happy to eat corn flakes with cold milk instead. But it can happen so, if your stove is showing signs of malfunctioning:
· not turning on
· not heating or heating slowly
· displaying error codes
· keeps clicking

London Oven Repair

The freshly baked pie or the grilled turkey for Thanksgiving dinner is possible only due to the properly functioning oven. And if it seems to be damaged, it is undoubtedly the charged matter for every housewife. What are the usual oven failures?
· The oven light is not working.
· The oven is not heating to the fixed temperature.
· The oven door won’t shut.
· The inside light is out.
· The self-cleaning cycle is not working.
As soon as you have noticed any of these breakages, it is highly recommended contact the knowledgeable expert who knows the ways of its reliable troubleshooting.

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