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Care Appliance Repair is definitely the most efficient provider of dryer repair service in Scarborough. You can order our drying machine repair service for a reasonable price anytime. Our senior repairmen know how to fix dryers of all brands and all makes. We use advanced equipment to diagnose and then repair the issue of your drying machine. If you become our customer, you will never wonder who to call to fix a dryer in Scarborough again. Care Appliance Repair will become your lifetime partner from the first time you hire us. Do not hesitate and start our long-term collaboration right now by calling our dryer service centre in Scarborough.

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Care Appliance Repair offers a set of outstanding direct repair services for home appliances of all models and all makes. Our local business is recognized by the quality and speed of our repair services. Care Appliance Repair is available round the clock; we can fix your appliance 24/7 as we drive vans with genuine parts around Scarborough constantly. If you hire us, you will get a free service call with any repair. At Care Appliance Repair, you can pay with Visa, MasterCard or Cash. Our company is factory tested and you get a warrant on all our appliance repairs.

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We built a great reputation thanks to the quality of our dryer repairs at a fixed price in Scarborough. Our skilled repairmen know how to fix every drying machine with major accuracy. Thus, the effects of our drying machine repairs are long-lasting. As a result, we give an extended warranty for all our dryer repairs. Therefore, if your drying machine breaks down after our visit, you can call our dryer customer service in Scarborough immediately. Our repair guys will fix your dryer for free if the problem of your appliance is the same as the previous time. Care Appliance Repair is only responsible for the work completed by our insured technicians. You cannot claim the dryer repair service for repairs done by other repairmen. Also, you cannot claim the dryer repair service for new issues of your drying machine.

Care Appliance Repair covers the entire Scarborough and surrounding areas. We can fix your drying machine in Scarborough the same day, regardless of your exact destination. All you need to do is call our dryer customer service in Scarborough and order our dryer repair service.

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Common Dryer Problems

Although every dryer could experience different problems, there are a few common issues of drying machines that we deal with on a daily basis. Dryer not being able to start, not heating up, leaking and making noise are only some of the problems that our repair guys can fix. In order to repair the drying machine in Scarborough for you, you must call our dryer customer service in Scarborough. Our quick fix is ideal for all drying machine culprits; we will gladly fix your dryer the same day you call us. Our drying machine repair in Scarborough includes all brands and all makes. If you have a Roper, Maytag, Thermador, Whirlpool or just any other drying machine, reach out to us.


Dryer Features

Buyers usually choose a drying machine depending on the size and capacity of the appliance. People with large families usually opt for the wide full dryer. This type of a drying machine is 38” – 43” tall, 27” wide and 28” – 34” deep. On the other hand, individuals and couples usually buy a compact dryer; it is approximately 33” tall and 24” wide. If you have a limited space, compact dryer is the best choice for you. Of course, it is important to read the specifications of the appliance before the purchase. That way, you can read the exact dimensions of your future drying machine. Also, you can choose between modern dryers and traditional dryers. Drying machines of the latest generations come with a set of innovative systems, such as the quick wash, delay wash, vibration reduction, and others. Traditional dryers do not have many special features. However, they do a good job at simply drying your clothes in the old, good way.