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Care & Repair provides top-of-the-line appliance repair in Bradford.  Our senior technicians have experience with the diagnostic and repair of all makes and models of refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens and ranges.

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We guarantee to fix any appliance in Bradford within the same day you call.  In addition, any call for repair services in Bradford that leads to a subsequent fixing is free.

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Bradford appliance repair by Care & Repair’s handy guys will get you back to normal faster.  Reduce time lost by broken, leaky and malfunctioning appliances.  Are you behind schedule because of a broken appliance?  We understand that this can cost valuable time and money. Our senior technicians at Bradford appliance repair will diagnose and repair your appliance issues quickly and at competitive prices.  Get back on track with the best.

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Care & Repair appliance repair services in Bradford are on call for your appliance repair needs.  Care & Repair services Bradford has tested, trained technicians waiting for your call.  Our employees are strategically placed throughout Bradford to get to you faster, no matter where you live.    Don’t let another second go by.

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If you live in Bradford or neighboring areas and are looking for a friendly, professional appliance repair technician to help you with your stove, washer, freezer, dryer, or any other appliance, call us (647) 812-2863 today. You can also fill out our brief contact form on our website, and we’ll get in touch with you.


Bradford Appliance Repair Service

Bradford Care & Repair services local appliance repair needs.  Choose Bradford Care & Repair for efficient, expert, same-day service.  If you are confused by the cold air in the dryer, our technicians will be on our way to diagnose and repair it before your clothes have time to wrinkle.  If the broiler is broken, or the door hangs open, why not let the experts at Bradford Care & Repair do the repair?  Our vans are stocked with vent pipes, electrical wiring, water hoses, and any other part we may need to service your appliances.

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Bradford Dryer Repair Service

Did the dryer break down before the clothes were dry?  Are you worried that musty smells and mildew will set in before it’s fixed?  We will be happy to diagnose and repair your dryer ASAP so you can get your laundry smelling fresh and clean in no time.  Call now and talk to one of the dryer experts at Bradford Care & Repair.

Bradford Washing Machine Repair Service

Is your washer not wringing the clothes that it cleans?  If your washing machine is not completing its cycles, let our technicians fix it for you.  Bradford Care & Repair will have your washing machine fixed so you can get your laundry rinsed and and spun pronto!

Bradford Fridge Repair Service

If you are constantly bothered by the noise of your fridge motor, it could be something simple or a sign of a more serious problem.  We can examine the fridge’s inner door seal to see if it needs a part or two, or if there’s a buildup somewhere causing the temperature gauge to work incorrectly.  Call Bradford Care & Repair’s licensed professionals to reduce the chance of long-term damage to your refrigerator.


Bradford Stove Repair Service

If you can’t tell when the elements on your stove are hot, or if they aren’t heating up at all, Bradford Care & Repair service technicians can help.  We will diagnose and repair your stove, by checking the connections between burner and electrical element, and make sure that everything is connected correctly so the elements of your range-top heat up properly when switched on.  Call us so that you can have meals ready to eat sooner.

Bradford Oven Repair Service

Similarly, one of the warning signs of wear and tear on an oven is unreliable temperatures.  Let the oven experts at Bradford Care & Repair fix the oven before your dinner plans are ruined.  Call us now and request an oven expert right away so that you can enjoy the comfort of eating in.

Bradford Dishwasher Repair Service

Are there certain types of foods that your dishwasher just can’t seem to wash from the dishes anymore?  This can lead to having to wash the dishes by hand.  Bradford Care & Repair’s seasoned professionals will take the guesswork out of diagnosis and repair.  Call Bradford Care & Repair to fix the dishwasher today so you can stop watching your extra time go down the drain.

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