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If you need appliance repair services in Georgetown that are super-fast, efficient and affordable, you should not hesitate to call Care & Repair. We have the best appliance repair equipment and an amazing team of technicians. Our company cares about you and your appliances. The best way to prove you the quality of our appliance services is by fixing your appliances. Our repairs come with a warranty that will ensure the same issue of your appliance doesn’t repeat for at least a year. Order our repair services in Georgetown today!

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Georgetown Appliance Repair Service

One of the significant characteristics of the Care & Repair appliance repair services in Georgetown is the originality. Everything about our local business is original. Our repair services, senior technicians, same-day repair feature, as well as great communication and kindness of our staff. In addition, we have a unique way of helping you get a free service call. Namely, we offer free diagnostics for your appliance, if you repair with us. In case you want to delay the appliance repair service, you will only have to pay a fair quote for the diagnostics.

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Same-day GEORGETOWN Appliance Repair Service

We serve our customers everywhere in Georgetown and its surroundings. Not only we will repair your appliances directly at your home; we will fix your appliances the same day you call us. With our technicians being active on different locations in Georgetown, all you need to do is tell our service centre your home address. Following, we will send our repairmen to fix your appliances without making you wait for too long. We have customers from completely different parts of Georgetown. However, that doesn’t stop our technicians from repairing appliances of all our customers during the same day.


Please contact us at (647) 812-2863 if you need any of our appliance repair services in Georgetown. You can also use the contact form on our website to submit your request.


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Get 25$ OFF Any Repair

Trained and Certified Technicians

Our repairmen fix appliances in Georgetown every day. From refrigerators, stoves, and ovens to drying machines, washing machines and dishwashing machines, they learned how to repair every single issue of the listed appliances. Apart from being very kind and polite, our repair guys are extremely professional. For that reason, we rarely hire new technicians – we could not form such a perfect team again. Once you meet our repair guys, you will know exactly why Care & Repair is the best provider of appliance services in Georgetown.

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Georgetown Fridge Repair

Your refrigerator is not getting cold enough? Perhaps some parts of your freezer are failing and you need the Care & Repair fridge service. Our technicians will be at your home very quickly and start fixing your cooler. Just call our customer service and we will send our repairmen to your house!

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Georgetown Washer Repair

There are many ways your washing machine can tell you something is wrong. Shaking, making noises and stopping mid-cycle are some of them. No matter which one of these issues you notice, you can order our washer servicing and our repairmen will know how to fix your washing machine.

Georgetown Dryer Repair

Instead of waiting for days to dry your clothes because your drying machine is broke, you should call Care & Repair and our technicians will fix your dryer. Our drying machine repair is extremely fast and our senior technicians do an amazing job at fixing dryers in Georgetown.


Georgetown Dishwasher Repair

No matter if your dishwasher stopped working today or a long time ago, it is time to fix your dishwashing machine! As you probably already know, Care & Repair technicians are the best at fixing dishwashers. Do not waste your time and order our dishwashing machine service!

Georgetown Stove Repair

If your cooktop is heating up uncontrollably, you need our stove repair service urgently! Avoid causing enormous damage to your family, yourself and your house. Since we offer the same-day repair, our technicians will fix your cooktop before anything major happens.

Georgetown Oven Repair

Even the apparently small issues of your range, such as the broken light, can be very serious if you don’t fix your oven on time. Rather than worrying about the consequences, you can simply let Care & Repair senior technicians fix your range quickly.

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