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With Care Appliance Repair stove repair service in Mississauga, you can get your appliance fixed the same day. All you need to do is call our stove customer service in Mississauga on time. Following your call, we will send professional technicians to fix the range in Mississauga for you. With our quick fix, you will prepare the dinner on time, without even noticing that your stove was broken! In fact, the range will work much better after our stove repair in Mississauga. We are looking forward to our long-term collaboration. Apart from repairing the stove in Mississauga for you, we can regularly serve and maintain your range.


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Care Appliance Repair is the number one provider of on-site repair services in Mississauga. We repair home appliances of all brands and all makes for a reasonable price. You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; our technicians are always driving vans full of original parts so we can start fixing your appliances the same day. Our insured repairmen will give you a fair quote for the requested repair services. If you accept our good price, you will get a free service call with any repair. At Care Appliance Repair, we accept Visa, MasterCard, and Cash payment methods. Our local business is factory certified and all our repairs come with a warranty.

Call us at 📞 (647) 812-2863 and order the most beneficial appliance repair services in Mississauga.
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Care Appliance Repair is open nonstop for all your requests. We will provide a quick repair whenever you call us; weekends and holidays are just regular working days for our senior technicians. Same-day repair service is available for Mississauga and surrounding areas. With our quick fix, your range will be safe all year round.

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If you care about the durability of your range, we are the right company for you. Care Appliance Repair does not provide temporary solutions. Instead, we offer innovative, long-lasting stove repair in Mississauga. As a proof of our quality, we offer a warranty of up to one year on all our range repairs. Therefore, you can be sure that your stovetop will work perfectly well even after we leave your house. In case the problem of your cooktop reappears, just call our stove service centre in Mississauga. We will send our repairmen back to your home and tackle down the issue of your range efficiently. It is important to mention that our warranty is only valid for our stove repairs. Therefore, you can only claim the guarantee related to the problem that our technicians fixed previously.


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Common Stove Problems

You will need our quick fix as soon as your range starts showing the first signs of a malfunction. If you don’t order our stove repair in Mississauga on time, the condition of your range could get worse rapidly. One of the most common problems of modern cooktops is a faulty burner. In some cases, burners stop working one at the time while in other cases, all the burners stop working together. Our repairmen will find the root of the problem and repair your stovetop efficiently. If necessary, we will completely replace the burners of your cooktop. Additionally, bad wires, switches, and temperature inconsistency are other common stove problems that our technicians know how to fix. Our range repair in Mississauga includes all brands and all makes. Therefore, we can fix a Kenmore, KitchenAid, Westinghouse, Wolf, Whirlpool and all the other brands of stoves in Mississauga. For a good price, we will diagnose the issue of your stove and provide the best range repair in Mississauga.

Stove Features

In order to find an adequate range for your kitchen, you must consider several important factors before the purchase. If you have a limited space for the new stove, you can focus on finding a range with ideal dimensions. The standard dimensions of the range are 30” in height, 36” in width, and 25” in depth. The standard height of the stove is the same as the standard height of the kitchen counter. For that reason, buyers usually select a range with those dimensions. On the hand, you can also opt for a smaller stove (around 20” wide) or a larger stove (30” – 60” wide). In addition, you can find a built-in stove or a freestanding stove. If you have a kitchen with a space required for the integration of the stove, then the built-in range is what you are looking for. Freestanding stove, however, is completely independent so you can place this appliance anywhere. Understandably, manufacturers constantly produce ranges of different sizes. For that reason, you should read the specifications before purchasing a stove.

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