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Care & Repair provides a complete range of manifold appliance repair in Vaughan.  We specialize in fixing washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, ranges, and refrigerators.  There’s no brand we haven’t seen before, no model too old or too new.

In addition, our customer service policy guarantees that Vaughan Care & Repair will fix appliances in Vaughan within the same day a client calls.  We are locally located and strategically placed to service the area of Vaughan, with speedy service for all types of appliances, in every neighbourhood.

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Vaughan Appliance Repair Service

Care & Repair services all of our clients’ appliance repair needs in the local area.  We are willing to work harder and longer to make good on our promise of same-day service.  If you are flummoxed by the noises in the dryer, our technicians will diagnose and solve the problem quickly, for a very competitive price.  If your oven light won’t switch on, we can check the connections and repair them.


Our repair services in Vaughan will meet and exceed your expectations.  Our seasoned experts at Vaughan appliance repair by Care & Repair provide quick service at competitive prices.  Book our appliance repair services in Vaughan.  We will quickly resolve your issues to get your appliances up and running as soon as possible!  Care & Repair services Vaughan is waiting for your call.  No job is too complex for our licensed repair technicians!

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If you live in Vaughan or neighboring areas and are looking for a friendly, professional appliance repair technician to help you with your stove, washer, freezer, dryer, or any other appliance, call us (647) 812-2863 today. You can also fill out our brief contact form on our website, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


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Get 25$ OFF Any Repair

You will be pleasantly surprised when you book our appliance repair services in Vaughan.  We appreciate your business and value your time.  We will give you a fair quote and waive the service call fee.  Take a load off as our handy guys fix your broken appliances, so you don’t have to do it.  Broken appliances can create costly and interruptions to your day.  Our service technicians are experts who will put you back in control faster.  We are guaranteed to finish each job within the same day, so you can spend more time doing what you want.

Our trucks are ready and waiting with tools and appliance parts.  Make your call to Care & Repair services Vaughan right now.  Or go to our website to book a visit from one of our experienced Vaughn Care & Repair senior technicians.

Our Happy Clients

Vaughan Washing Machine Repair Service

Is your front-loading washer not sealing properly so that a puddle of water ends up on the floor?  Our technicians can fix the locking mechanism or the seal on the inside of the washer door so that this doesn’t happen.  Would you like to have your washer clean the clothes and keep the floor dry?  Reach out and call Vaughan Care & Repair today.

 Vaughan Fridge Repair Service

If your fridge runs too often, it’s leaking cold air and you suspect it’s the reason your electrical bill has skyrocketed, we can examine the fridge’s inner door seal to see if that’s the problem, or if perhaps dust has built up behind the coils in the back.  Vaughan Care & Repair’s professionals are passionate about bringing excellence to all that we do.  Call for us to come fix your refrigerator sooner rather than later and take back control of your money.

 Vaughan Stove Repair Service

If the elements on your range are not heating up as fast or as much as they used to, and your soup isn’t heated through, call our experts for a stove diagnosis and repair.  Keep your meals bacteria-free and enjoyable to savour with Vaughan Stovetop Care & Repair.  There’s no time to lose!


 Vaughan Oven Repair Service

Ovens are complex and often intimidating machines.  If the broiler is broken, or the door hangs open, and under or over-cooked food results, why not let the oven experts at Vaughan Care & Repair do the  repair?  Call us with your specific oven problems and we will send our experts to help so that you can use it to roast that holiday bird.

 Vaughan Dishwasher Repair Service

If your pre-programmed dishwasher cycles seem ineffective: either the food isn’t coming off or the soap residue isn’t rinsed properly, we can examine your dishwasher.  Our experienced technicians come equipped with replacement doors and spinners, drains and pipes.  They have the technical know-how to fix your dishwasher’s problems so the dishes come out clean and sparkling, ready for the table.

Vaughan Dryer Repair Service

Is your clothes dryer not living up to its’ name?  Vaughan Care & Repair technicians carry vent pipes and more in our vans. With our vast store of spare parts and quick diagnostic services, we will fix your dryer so you can get the clothes dried and put away before bedtime.  Call now.  We will be happy to diagnose and address your dryer issues today.

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