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If you need a provider of repair services in Uxbridge that is ready to serve you every day of the year, you’ve come to the right place. Care & Repair constantly operates across Uxbridg and nearby areas with our fully stocked vehicles. After building a great reputation in Uxbridge, we feel very responsible to keep the high quality of our repair services.

Our team justifies the title of the company with the best appliance services in Uxbridge on a daily basis. May you need any of our appliance services, do not hesitate to call us.

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Uxbridge Appliance Repair Service

By exploring the market and desires of our customers, we managed to form the list of the best appliance services in Uxbridge. Our senior technicians are experts at solving issues of any kind, as long as the solution exists. In addition, our repair guys can replace damaged parts of your appliances and check up on them in the future. Maintaining your home appliances is as important as fixing them. For that reason, our appliance repair services in Uxbridge include the maintenance as well. Just call us and report the issues of your devices. Our technicians will take care of the rest.


Same-day Appliance Repair Service

Care & Repair featured the same-day repair from the very first day of our foundation. It was one of the reasons why many customers decided to give our appliance repair services in Uxbridge a chance. Although we were a newly-established company, we provided extraordinary repair services. Today, most of those customers that believed in us are still regularly asking for our repairs and maintenance. As a successful local business, we have an even better same-day repair service now. With many vehicles ready for the next call, we fix appliances in Uxbridge within the same day.

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If you need our appliance repair services in Uxbridge, contact us at (647) 812-2863 or fill the online contact form to submit your request.


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Professional Senior Technicians

The skilled technicians that provide our Uxbridge appliance repair services are happy to work for Care & Repair; that’s one of the reasons why they are doing such a great job. Our community is very supporting and encouraging and that’s what we transmit to our customers as well. Our repairmen are certified in several appliance repair fields. Proudly, they represent Care & Repair in compliance with the highest standards of the industry.

Our Happy Clients

Uxbridge Fridge Repair

Frost-free is a very popular feature on modern coolers but also frequent among the requests for our fridge repair service. Once you start using the no frost feature, it’s impossible to imagine your refrigerator frosting again. However, one day you may notice that it stopped working. In that case, your fridge could suffer serious consequences such as the breakdown of the evaporator fan. Avoid all that and request our fridge servicing.

Uxbridge Washer Repair

The slow basket of your washing machine and a rattling sound are the biggest signs of a faulty motor coupler. In that case, our washer servicing will include the replacement of this part and regular maintenance. If you have that or any other issues with your washing machine, call us. Our repair guys will repair your washer and replace all the broken parts.

Uxbridge Dryer Repair

Your drying machine won’t turn on? There could be many potential causes of that issue. We assume that you are not an electrician so you should not play with the electricity. Let us check what’s wrong with our dryer servicing and fix your drying machine quickly.


Uxbridge Dishwasher Repair

Water leaks are not unusual for a dishwashing machine. You could overload your dishwasher and cause a small leakage once in a while. However, if it keeps happening then you need our dishwashing machine service. If you don’t repair your dishwasher, your kitchen floors will always be wet and slippery.

Uxbridge Stove Repair

Most electric cooktops experience the failure of a coil, sooner or later. It is easy to identify this issue – your stove simply won’t turn on even if all the switches are on.

Uxbridge Oven Repair

Faulty connecting wires or issues with the electronic controls may stop the oven light from working. If you don’t repair your range, those interior issues could become more serious in the future. For that reason, ordering our oven repair on time is your best option.

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