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Dryers are complex appliances that demand quick repair as soon as they show the first signs of malfunction. Care & Repair aims to meet all the high requirements of our customers.

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For that reason, we constantly develop our dryer repair in Brampton. In order to fix your drying machine in Brampton, all you need to do is call our dryer customer service in Brampton. After receiving your order, our technicians will start fixing a dryer in Brampton for you extremely quickly.

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Care & Repair is a successful local business with outstanding on-site repair services for house appliances of all types and brands. Our dryer repairs at a fixed price in Brampton are available 24/7 since we have a team of trained technicians driving around Brampton with vans full of factory parts. Once our repairmen examine your drying machine, they will offer you a fair quote for our dryer repair in Brampton. If you repair with us, you get a free service call with any repair. We accept Visa, MasterCard or Cash payment methods. Care & Repair is factory tested and we give an extended warranty on all our dryer repairs in Brampton.

Call at (647) 812-2863 for our dryer customer service in Brampton right now and request Care & Repair dryer repair in Brampton.


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Warranty and Hour of Operation

The reputation of Care & Repair is built on high-quality repair services, speed, and professionalism of our technicians. One of the features that confirms the quality of our dryer service in Brampton is the extended warranty. You will get a warranty of up to one year on all our drying machine repairs in Brampton. Therefore, you can be sure that your dryer won’t face the same problem anytime soon. Our repairmen will fix the dryer in Brampton the same day you call us; you will get a free service call on all our dryer repairs and an extended warranty! Could it get any better?! – Yes, it actually can. Namely, we can serve and maintain drying machines across the entire Brampton 24/7. Whether you live in the most populated area or at the very exit of Brampton, our same-day repair service is available for you.

If you need one-of-a-kind dryer repair in Brampton, Care & Repair is available round the clock. All you need to do is call our dryer service centre in Brampton and we will send our technicians to your house immediately. Order our dryer repair in Brampton right now!

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Common Drying Machine Problems

If your drying machine is leaking or not drying properly, you don’t have to worry. At Care & Repair, we regularly fix a long list of issues that appear on different types of drying machines. Some of the most common dryer problems are frequent leakages, inability to dry, overheating, top load dryer not closing properly, and a noisy performance. In addition, there are a number of internal problems that a top load dryer may face. Whether your drying machine is experiencing some of the listed issues or any other problems, our repair guys will know how to fix them.

Our senior technicians are trained to fix dryers in Brampton with advanced equipment and genuine parts. Additionally, our repairmen can serve and maintain dryers of all brands and all makes. Hotpoint, Maytag, Samsung, LG, Electrolux, AEG and Admiral are only some of the brands that our repair guys know how to fix. Therefore, whether you have a modern top load dryer or a traditional drying machine, you know who to call to fix a dryer in Brampton! The fair quote of our drying machine repair in Brampton makes our service suitable for everyone. Contact our dryer customer service in Brampton immediately; we will fix the drying machine for you the same day, regardless of the problem.


Drying Machine Features

Drying machines are commonly categorized by the capacity styles. Regular, wide full or oversize dryers of 24” – 29” come with drums of 7 cu.ft. On the other side, compact drying machines of 24” come with drums of 3 cu.ft. capacity. Usually, the size of a dryer is the decisive factor when buying a new appliance. While large families purchase oversize dryers, individuals and couples opt for compact dryers. In addition, you should look for innovative features when buying a new drying machine. For example, dryness sensors allow you to adjust whether you want your clothes to be less or more dry. This feature can reduce the energy use or drying time of the load. Also, you can use a press care setting and reduce the wrinkles on your clothes. That way, the ironing time will get much easier.

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