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Dryers belong to the group of essential home appliances that every household should possess.

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Apart from saving a lot of time, dryers also save a lot of effort required to air-dry the clothes. In order to keep your dryer in a good condition, you must serve and maintain the appliance regularly. Fortunately, you can order high-quality dryer repair service in Etobicoke with ease. Care Appliance Repair offers ultra-beneficial appliance repair services in Etobicoke for a reasonable price. With only one call, you can bring a team of professional repairmen at your house the same day!

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Care Appliance Repair offers unique, innovative repairs on your site for washers, dryers, fridges, dishwashers, stoves, and ovens of all brands and all makes. You can order our supreme appliance repair for a good price anywhere in Etobicoke. Our senior repairmen drive multiple vans full of factory parts all around Etobicoke; you can order our repair services 24/7 and we will fix your appliances in Etobicoke the same day. Care Appliance Repair technicians will diagnose the issues of your appliances and you will pay no service fee with a repair. We accept Visa, MasterCard or Cash payment methods. Our local business is factory approved and we provide a written guarantee for all our appliance repair services in Etobicoke.

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Warranty and Hour of Operation

All dryer repairs at Care Appliance Repair come with an extended warranty. Thus, you can trust the quality of our appliance repair services in Etobicoke. Firstly, our repair guys will diagnose the issue of your drying machine. Following, the technicians will offer you a fair quote for the dryer repairs at a fixed price in Etobicoke. If you approve, you will get a free service call. After we fix the drying machine for you, our repairmen will give you a written guarantee for our dryer repairs. In case the problem reappears while the warranty is still valid, you should call our dryer customer service in Etobicoke. After your call, we will send trained technicians to repair the dryer again.

Care Appliance Repair operates all around Etobicoke with several vans full of factory parts. We can serve and maintain your drying machine round the clock. Whenever your dryer needs our assistance, all you need to do is call Care Appliance Repair dryer repair service in Etobicoke. In less than a few hours, we will send professional repairmen to fix the drying machine for you. Our system works for every part of Etobicoke. Therefore, our dryer repair service in Etobicoke is not limited to any specific area. As long as you live in Etobicoke or its surroundings, you can order our quick repair.

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Common Dryer Problems

Our technicians deal with different problems of drying machines every day. Since fixing a dryer in Etobicoke demands great skills and professional repairmen, we can help you out as well! Some of the most common dryer problems are the inability to dry, excessive leakages, overheating, faulty parts of a drying machine, among others. Some of these issues, such as overheating, are extremely dangerous. If you don’t order our dryer repair in Etobicoke on time, you could put your entire house at risk. Possibly, you could leave your dryer on and go out. In the meantime, overheating could cause a fire! Without a quick repair, the consequences of your faulty dryer could be disastrous. If you like to keep everything under control the same way we do, call us. We will tackle down the issue of your drying machine before the problem escalates.

Our repair guys are able to fix drying machines of all brands and all makes. For a reasonable price, we can fix a Maytag, Hotpoint, Moffat, Whirlpool or any other dryer that you may have. Call our dryer service centre in Etobicoke as soon as your drying machine starts performing poorly. Our trained technicians know how to fix every issue of a drying machine. Therefore, we will examine and fix a dryer in Etobicoke the same day you order our dryer repair. You will never wonder who to call to fix a dryer in Etobicoke for you again. We will certainly become your one and only provider of dryer repair services in Etobicoke.


Dryer Features

Dryers are usually divided into different groups depending on their capacities. Customers mostly purchase wide full drying machines for larger spaces. These oversize dryers come with drums of 7 cu.ft and their depth varies from 28” to 34”. The average height of the wide full drying machine varies from 38” to 43”. For smaller spaces, there are also so-called compact dryers. The height of a compact drying machine is less than 33” and the width is less than 24”. Additionally, drying machines come with different sets of features. While some dryers still promote the traditional, simple settings, others keep introducing innovative features, such as the dryness sensors and press care.

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