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If you are tired of poor-quality repair services, slow services, and unresponsive customer support, we offer you a complete refreshment! Our high-quality repair services in Kitchener are very fast and our customer service responds as soon as possible. We take care of our customers in all the possible ways, which earned us the 100% customer satisfaction.

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Kitchener Appliance Repair Services

Are you looking for repair guys who fix appliances of all brands and all makes in Kitchener? Care & Repair is the best option you have! Our appliance repair services in Kitchener are fast and extremely effective. For that reason, most of our customers are long-term. We offer you a regular maintenance and appliance repair services in Kitchener during the whole year. Care & Repair is always available; even if you need our assistance during holidays or weekends, you can still call us!


Care & Repair Quick Fix

In order to remain the best provider of appliance repair services in Kitchener, we introduced an attractive same-day repair service. Namely, our technicians can fix your appliance in Kitchener within one day, regardless of your exact location. We use several vehicles on a daily basis so we can serve multiple customers at the time. With our same-day repair service, you won’t need to worry about a broken appliance for a long time. Instead, you can just call us right now and we will repair appliance in Kitchener for you shortly.

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In case you need our appliance repair services in Kitchener right now, please call us at (519) 914-1755. If you repair with us, you will pay no service fee! You can also use the form on Care & Repair website to submit your order. After reading your request, our customer service in Kitchener will reach out to you.


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Professional Repair Guys

Care & Repair technicians are experts at fixing appliances in Kitchener. We repair appliances of new and old generations, of all brands and all makes. Our repairmen are trained to fix appliances in Kitchener quickly and extremely efficiently. In addition, our customers frequently comment on the professionalism and communication skills of our repair guys. Namely, our senior technicians will explain the issue of your appliance carefully and give you a fair quote for the appliance repair. You can ask our repairmen any question regarding our affordable appliance repair services and you will get a precise response.

Our Happy Clients

Kitchener Fridge Repair

Are you having troubles with your freezer and you don’t know any technician who repairs fridges in Kitchener? Care & Repair offers an affordable appliance repair for your cooler in Kitchener. We will examine the refrigerator and find the exact issue of your cooler. Following, we will fix your fridge during the first visit to your home.

Kitchener Washer Repair

If your washing machine is “shaking” and making too much noise, you need to order our Kitchener washer repair service. Our repair guys will identify the issue of your washer and eliminate the noise and instability of your washing machine. With our washer service, you will not have to deal with the loud sounds from your bathroom anymore. Moreover, your washer will not be at risk of damaging itself even more.

Kitchener Dryer Repair

Is your drying machine is leaving the burning spots on the clothes? There is surely one or more problems that we can solve with our dryer repair service! Care & Repair dryer service includes the diagnostics and repair of your drying machine. We will stop the issue of your drying machine from evolving and keep your clothes dry, without any burning marks. Order our dryer servicing today!


Kitchener Dishwasher Repair

The rust streaks on your dishes are probably the consequence of a rusty dishwasher rack. That being said, you are probably using an old dishwasher machine. In that case, you need our repair guys to fix your dishwasher in Kitchener by replacing the rusty rack. With a new rack, your dishes will not have any dirty spots anymore. Order the dishwashing machine repair service at Care & Repair today!

Kitchener Stove Repair

When your cooktop refuses to turn on, you won’t be able to use the stovetop without ordering our stove service. Care & Repair senior technicians will examine the burners, electric cords, switches and all the other parts of your range. Once we discover the issue, we will offer you a fair quote for our affordable appliance repair. If you accept, you will pay no service fee and we will fix your stove immediately.

Kitchener Oven Repair

Perhaps a broken light of your oven does not seem like a huge problem but it could be more serious than you think. In fact, your range may be facing enormous electric problems that need our oven repair service urgently. You can call Care & Repair and order oven repair in Kitchener. We will gladly fix your range in Kitchener the same day.

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