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King City deserves nothing less than royal repair services. For that reason, our appliance repair services in King City are more than brilliant! Care & Repair is a combination of perfect services, amazing technicians, innovative equipment and quick fix solutions! If you want us to provide these exceptional repair services in King City for you, just give us a service call! If you repair with us, we will save you the extra cash you would usually pay for the diagnostics.

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King City Appliance Repair Service

Care & Repair offers an exceptional money-saving opportunity to the customers with our appliance repair services in King City. In order to provide the best repair services, we will release you the cost of the service call if you repair with us. Therefore, if our technicians continue fixing your appliances in King City after telling you the fair quote of the repair, you won’t pay for the diagnostics. You can take that cost reduction as a discount from Care & Repair for letting us serve you.

Is your faulty appliance on this list? If the answer is “yes” it’s time to call Care & Repair!


Same-day Repair Service

Your damaged appliance needs a quick fix and you don’t know who to call to fix your dryer, washer, dishwasher, fridge, stove or oven? You won’t have that problem anymore! Our appliance repair services in King City gained fame not only because of our professional technicians. Another reason why everyone requests our repair services in King City is the ability of our repairmen to fix your appliances in only day! That means, if you call Care & Repair in the morning, our repair guys will fix your device by the evening.

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We will gladly provide you any of our repair services in King City. Please call us at (647) 812-2863 or fill the contact form on our website and we will get back to you soon.


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Get 25$ OFF Any Repair

Certified and Professional Repairmen

We could have all the tools required for good appliance repair services in King City but without our great technicians, Care & Repair would never get this far. We are proud of the high-quality repair services in King City that our repair guys provide daily. By fixing so many different appliances, our repairmen can now service absolutely all brands and all makes of your home appliances. If you want to experience the great efficiency of our repair guys, just call our service centre; we will send our qualified team of technicians at your door to fix your appliances.

Our Happy Clients

King City Fridge Repair

Your food is freezing more than you want to and you don’t know how to stop it? The time for refrigerator service has come! Our technicians will fix your cooler and your food won’t be freezing again after Care & Repair fridge servicing.

King City Washer Repair

Fixing washing machines in King City is one of the essentials of a regular working day at Care & Repair. If you have a faulty washer, our washing machine repair service is available anytime. Call us and we will send our technicians to fix your washer.

King City Dryer Repair

Do not let your drying machine perform poorly just because you still didn’t order our dryer service. Please call Care & Repair service centre and ask for a technician who repairs drying machines. Our senior technicians will head to your home with a fully stocked van to repair your drying machine.


King City Dishwasher Repair

Your dishwashing machine can be more vulnerable than you think. One of the signs that you need a dishwasher repair service is the inability of your dishwashing machine to close completely. Our repairmen will fix your dishwashing machine and save you a lot of time and effort.

King City Stove Repair

Does your food take longer than usual to fry? Seems like you need a technician who repairs cooktops! Care & Repair is full of skilled repairmen so just order our range servicing. Soon enough, our senior technicians will start fixing your stove at your home.

King City Oven Repair

If you face any issue with your range, you know who to call to fix your oven in King City! Care & Repair range service is all-inclusive. Therefore, our technicians will diagnose the problem, find a solution and repair your oven. All it takes is one call and our repair guys will be there to fix your range!

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