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Most Common Fridge Problems

The refrigerator is definitely one of the crucial appliances of every household. There are rarely foods and drinks that you can keep outside the fridge without spoiling them. For that reason, a good performance of your cooler is very important. Only if your refrigerator fails for a day, you will understand how important this appliance actually is.

Although your cooler shouldn’t break too often, there are still many issues that your refrigerator could face. Keep reading to find out more about the fridge problems!

Possible Fridge Problems

Fridge won’t turn on

There are several reasons why your cooler may refuse to turn on. One of them is simply not plugging in the power cord to the outlet correctly or taking it out accidentally. Other reasons why your fridge might not turn on are a damaged electronic control board or faulty wires.

The ice maker of the fridge is not working

If the ice maker of your freezer is not working, its motor module might have seized. In addition, it could occur that the culprit is a clogged water inlet valve.

The temperature of the fridge is not cold enough

In case the temperature of your refrigerator is not cold enough, the highest chances are that your cooler has a faulty defrost thermostat. Additional reasons could be dirty condenser coils, faulty evaporator/condenser fan motor, compressor, temperature control board, etc.

A fridge is making too much noise

The electronic control board could possibly be the reason behind the strange and loud noise of your cooler. In addition, a faulty condenser fan motor and an evaporator fan motor could also cause the noise.

A fridge is leaking water

The main reason why your cooler might be leaking water could be the clogged or frozen defrost drain; the defrost water overflows the drain if the defrost drain freezes and that’s when the leaking begins. In addition, the problem might be in the water tank assembly, water inlet valve, drain pan, water filters, etc.

Troubleshooting Fridge Problems

When you notice any of the above-mentioned issues on your refrigerator, you should not panic. A cooler is a complex appliance but all the listed problems have their own solutions as well. In fact, you might even be able to fix some of those issues by yourself. The problems might be less serious than you think! Before you call professional technicians to fix your freezer, you should troubleshoot the fridge problems first.

Check the power cord

The first thing you will need to do when your freezer stops working is to check the power cord and make sure it’s plugged in correctly. In addition, you should revise the electrical cord and see if there is any exposed wire, cut or any other damage that could stop your cooler from working. In case you see any of the mentioned deficiencies on the electrical cord, you should call a professional repairman.

Check the temperature of your freezer

To effectively produce ice cubes, the temperature of your freezer must be below 10° F (-12° C). First, ensure the temperature of the freezer is set to 0 to 5° F (-18 to -15° C). If that doesn’t work, clean the condenser coils and make sure the condenser fan is performing well.

Check if your fridge is set to COLD

When you notice that your refrigerator is not cooling enough, make sure it’s set to COLD by checking the cold control. 35° F (1.6° C) is the regular temperature of a cooler so if the temperature of your fridge is far different, there is definitely a problem. One of those problems could be a faulty compressor and you cannot repair refrigerator compressor by yourself. Instead, you will need a need to order a compressor refrigerator repair service from professional technicians.

Check the evaporator fan blade

The first thing you must do to find the problem behind the loud noise of your fridge is to check the evaporator fan blade. You can find it behind your refrigerator’s back panel. If the problem is small, you might resolve it just by turning the fan evaporator by the hand. Furthermore, check if there is any object around or in the blade that might be causing the noise.

Check the defrost drain

Since the defrost drain is the most common cause of the cooler leakage, the first thing you must do is check this part carefully; you can find it on the back wall of your refrigerator. Make sure the defrost drain is not clogged or frozen. In case you determine that the ice on the defrost drain has formed, thaw the ice. Lastly, flush hot water through the defrost drain so you can definitely clear it from debris as well.

We highly hope this article helped fix your refrigerator! However, if any of the listed solutions did not resolve the problem or you simply could not diagnose the issue, do not keep experimenting. Your fridge contains electrical cords and complex features that might discompose if you continue trying to fix it. The problem of your cooler might be more serious so you need professional repairmen to fix your fridge.

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