What Is That Noise Coming From My Fridge?

If your fridge is making a strange noise, it can be quite concerning. The good news is that there are several noises that are considered normal. There are also many possible causes that are minor and just a few that may require professional repairs. Here’s how to decipher what your fridge is trying to tell you.

Rattling Noise from the Bottom

This usually indicates that the drain pan is loose or not properly fitted. Move your appliance away from the wall to access the pan under the fridge. Move it into place and you’re all set.

Noise from the Back of the Fridge

If you notice a sound coming from the back of the appliance, it could be due to the compressor or condenser fan. Before you try to figure out the exact cause, make sure that you unplug your fridge. If it is the condenser fan, you can try cleaning away any debris and dust that could have accumulated between the blades. A soft brush will usually do the trick. Alternatively, you may need to clean the compressor. This can be a tricky one to diagnose so, if basic cleaning does not work, it’s best to call a technician.

Noise Inside the Fridge

Is there a rattle or squeaking sound coming from inside the appliance? This could be due to the circulation fan. This fan pushes air through the freezer and fridge. It is located behind an access panel inside the fridge which is why you will hear the sound coming from inside the appliance. Due to the complex nature of these repairs and the tools required, it is best to have a technician perform them. Attempting to fix your fridge yourself can have disastrous results and many people end up doing more harm than good.

Squealing or Chirping Sound

A strange squeal or chirping noise coming from your fridge is a sign that you should call a technician right away. It could be that the evaporator fan is on its way out. If this fan fails, your appliance will no longer cool properly. Not only does the fan need to be checked, but so do the relevant wires and grommets. This part relies on several components to run smoothly and a technician will be best equipped to check for corrosion and other faults.

Buzzing or Humming Noise

A buzzing sound could mean that the light in your fridge needs to be replaced. Depending on the unit, you might be able to perform this simple repair yourself. There are, however, some models that are more complex and a professional should replace any light bulbs. If you do plan on replacing the bulb yourself, make sure that you buy the right size bulb and the right colour for your fridge. Warm and cool lighting options are available in various sizes so keep this in mind.

Knocking Sound

This can be quite a startling sound to hear coming from your fridge. The most likely culprit is the condenser. Alternatively, it could be due to a faulty fan motor which makes the fan run too hard or too hot.

Ice Maker is Clicking

This could indicate that the water line valve is loose or no longer connected to your water supply. If you have moved the appliance recently, it could have come loose. Check all of your connections and see if this resolves the problem.

It’s good to remember that not all noises are necessarily cause for concern. Some are absolutely normal. Especially if the fridge has produced this noise from the beginning. It’s when noises get louder or when we notice strange noises that it’s time to do some investigating. Remember, if you have any concerns about your fridge, call Care & Repair at (647) 812-2863. No matter the make or model of your refrigerator, we will get to the bottom of the fault and we are always ready to perform speedy repairs on the spot.