freezer repair advice

Freezer Repair Advice

Freezer repair advice


Whether you’re preparing meals, saving leftovers or storing enough food to feed your family, freezers are incredibly useful. But what happens if it breaks? Who do you call? What do you do? Is your food safe? As fridge repair experts, we can help with all of these issues.


Why use an expert in freezer repair?


If you’re a DIY enthusiast, it might be tempting to go ahead and do your own freezer repairs or use a cheaper repair service. However, we would always recommend using a credible and experienced expert in freezer repair. Freezers maintained and repaired poorly could lead to further costs, safety risks and time consuming issues later down the line, so it’s better to ensure they’re fixed properly first time round.


Dangers of a broken freezer


A broken freezer in your home can be a safety hazard, especially if you have family or elderly people in your household. We’d always recommend having your freezer fixed as soon as possible, using an experienced expert who can help to identify and resolve the root cause of your freezer problem.


Typical dangers of a broken freezer include:


  • They can pose serious fire hazard risks, especially if it’s a fridge freezer unit
  • Freon, which is the cooling gas inside a freezer, can leak and cause health problems – especially if you have existing heart conditions
  • There’s a risk of food poisoning if the temperature is not maintained properly within your freezer, as bacteria can breed if your food thaws
  • You could risk losing all your frozen food if it defrosts, with freezers often storing around $100 of frozen foods at a time


Maintaining your freezer


If you’re having issues with your freezer, there are a few ways to check what the root cause of the problem is. With modern freezers, they often have electronic dials and they’re also frost free, so they require little maintenance.


However, there are still a few ways to prevent future problems with your freezer:


  • If your freezer has built up frost, allow it to defrost and melt the ice – do this when the frost reaches around half an inch
  • Some freezers are self defrosting, if that’s the case then you may still need to clear your drain hole. You can do this by unplugging your freezer, find your drain hole and clean/wash it carefully
  • Clean the inside of your freezer if it’s getting dirty – doing this on a month by month basis stops your freezer from collecting bits of food or waste that collects throughout the year

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