How to fix a washing machine that does not have a cold or hot water

No cold water in washing machine? Before applying to the professional repair service, try to troubleshoot the appliance by yourself. We have pointed out the most important parts you are to check first.

Required Tools

To perform washer repairs you won’t need many tools. The most required tools are as follows:

  • socket set
  • nut drivers
  • screwdrivers
  • pliers
  • flashlight
pliers and screwdriver

Inlet Hoses & Screens

The function of the inlet hoses is to connect your washing machine to the household water supply. The ends of hoses equipped with the wire-mesh screens are attached to the faucets. Make sure the inlet hoses are not curved and the faucets are turned on. Turn the faucets off and discard the inlet hoses. Clean the screens if they are clogged or dirty. Now you have to check whether there is the appropriate water pressure – put the hose ends into any big vessel and turn the faucets on. If the water pressure is still weak, and the screens are absolutely clean and undamaged, we recommend inspecting the water inlet valve.

Inlet Hose

Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve has two solenoids inserted to operate the cold and hot water supply. Using the multi-meter, check each solenoid for its continuity. If the solenoid doesn’t have the voltage, it is supposed to be faulty. The solenoid is not sold separately that’s why you will have to purchase the complete valve. In case there is the continuity, the problem is likely to be hidden in the defective inlet valve. Replace it.

water inlet valve

Lid Switch

Make sure that the lid switch isn’t turned off mechanically, actuators or levers are not defective or jammed. Unplug your washer and take the wires off from the switch. Now you are to check the switch for its continuity with the multi-meter. If there is no continuity, discard the lid switch and set the new one.

lid switch

Selector Switch

Selector switch determines the cycle that will be performed. To identify whether the switch is defective you should check it for its continuity. Usually the selector switch is adjusted with several screws. Unscrew it. There you will find the terminals which are grouped in pairs of two. Each group of terminals is responsible for the corresponding button. Slowly discard the wire-harness of the terminals of the switch. The switch is ready to be verify for its voltage with the multi-meter. If you are not sure what terminals you are to check, read the wiring diagram in your appliance user manual.

Selector Switch

Water Level Pressure Switch

If the water level pressure switch is defective, the power won’t be transmitted to the water inlet valve. Use the multi-meter to clarify whether the pressure switch has the continuity. Replace it, if it doesn’t have power. If you experience difficulties with wires, you should consider the wiring diagram of your washer.

Water Level Pressure Switch

Check Timer

Cold water won’t work on washing machine if the mechanical timer or the electronic control is faulty. In case you have no idea what to do, the certified technicians of Care&Repar are always at your disposal to find the solutions. We perform the warranty service around Toronto on various household appliances: refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, dishwashing machine, oven, stove etc.

Timer or Electronic Control

The mechanical timer has many electrical connections which are operated by the cam assembly. The cam assembly in its turn is regulated by the timer motor. Using the wiring diagram of your washer, identify the timer’s terminals which control the timer motor. Using the multi-meter, check both the terminals and the timer motor for their continuity. Replace the element that doesn’t have the power. If your washer has the electronic control, you are to consult the wiring diagram of your appliance as well to determine the right wires connected to the timer terminals and the timer motor. Disconnect the wires and check the power availability in the terminals and the timer motor. If any doesn’t have the continuity, replace it.

timer motor

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