How to fix oven that won’t heat up

Not working oven can ruin all your plans. While you can go to a café to have a meal, you still need the appliance to be fixed. We recommended you to try and fix the problem yourself by going through this simple troubleshooting guide.

Required Tools

  • The manual for the appliance;
  • A VOM;
  • Screwdrivers or other tools to disassemble and assemble the oven to reach certain parts (this depends on the model and issue).
screwdriver and multi-meter

Bake Element

While electric ovens often come with a broil element, most heating is produced by its bake element. The problem with it may prevent the appliance from reaching the right temperature, or it will need a longer time for that.
You can check it visually first. If you notice something unusual, such as blistering, then the element should be replaced. If it looks normal but remains cold after being switched on for a minute, it may be faulty.

Heating Elements

Electronic Control Board

Electronic control boards are used to control the functions of the appliance and operate its heating elements. Inspect it to find possible issues in the following way:

  • Unplug the appliance;
  • Find the electronic control board. See your manual to find out where it is located and how to get to it;
  • Try to find any issues, such as burning, damage, etc.;
  • If you find some problems, you may need to replace the board.
Main Control Board

The Electric Heating Elements

There may be two heating elements in some ovens. The information about the bake element is provided above, and there is also an element for broiling, which is located at the bottom of the appliance. Like with the bake element, you should also inspect it visually before and after using it for heating. In case of problems, replace it.
If installing a new element does not help, you should check it with your VOM. Use it to test wires connected to it. If the element does not get power, there might be a problem with the wires or poor connections.

The Electric Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor found in many ovens monitors the temperature to send signals to the board to turn on/off the ovens’ elements. If it is faulty, the board gets wrong signals and as a result, no or little heat is produced. You will likely find this part near the broil element.

Test the part using the VOM:

  • Unplug your oven;
  • Find the sensor and remove it from the appliance;
  • Use the manual to find out what reading is correct since it differs depending on the model and the one suitable for Samsung may not be correct for Kenmore;
  • Test the part for continuity.

If the reading is wrong, replace the part.

Temperature Sensor

The Gas Ignitor at the Back of the Oven Compartment

If your gas oven does not work properly, the faulty bake ignitor may be the reason.

Check the part in the following way:

  • Shut off the gas and turn the appliance around to get access to its back;
  • Find the ignitor at the back of the appliance compartment;
  • Remove it (see the manual);
  • Use the VOM to test the part for continuity. If the reading does not fall in the range of 0-1100 ohms, the part should be replaced.

Thermostat or Selector Switch

The thermostat controls the elements for baking and broiling by supplying power to them. In case of malfunction, the heating elements will not work well, producing either too much or too little heat.

Test the part with the VOM:

  • Unplug the appliance;
  • Find the thermostat (see the manual). It may be located on the control panel;
  • Remove the part;
  • Use the VOM to test it. See the manual to check which reading is correct.

If the reading does not match those provided by the manufacturer, the part should be replaced.

Also, you should check the condition of the selector switch that you use for switching between broiler and oven modes.

Selector Switch

Calibration Dial

Calibration may be required if your oven does not reach the right temperature.

For this purpose, do the following:

  • Find the calibration dial (see the manual);
  • On the dial, you will see an adjustment screw;
  • To increase or decrease the temperature, turn it to the right and to the left respectively.

The Relays

Another reason why your oven does not reach the proper temperature may be faulty relays. Those elements may burn out. Read the manual to find out how to fix them. Probably, you will need to opt for professional repair services.

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