How to fix a dishwasher door latch failure

The normal functioning of a door latch is essential for a dishwasher working properly. It is important for keeping the door tight and preventing the water leakage while the dishwasher is cleaning. In addition, it is connected to a safety switch. This switch will not allow the dishwasher to start when the door is open. The malfunction of a door latch may cause many issues, although it is often easy to fix.

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How Do I Fix My Dishwasher Latch?

There are a few possible issues causing problems with your dishwasher door latch. We have collected a couple of steps you can take to locate the problem and fix it.

Test Your Dishwasher

First, you will need to find out whether it is the latch that doesn’t work properly or the safety switch. This switch prevents the dishwasher from working when it is open.
Try turning the dishwasher on when the door is not blocked. Make sure to keep it as tight as possible to avoid being sprayed with water if the dishwasher starts a washing cycle. Press the safety switch and watch if the machine starts working. If it works, then the switch is the problem. And if it does not, then the latch needs fixing.

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Inspect the Latch

Inspect the door latch closely. Try searching for pieces of food and debris that can get stuck in there. This might make it harder for the latch to close and open properly. In some cases, it will prevent the dishwasher from functioning at all.
Clean the debris out and try running the dishwasher again. If the latch is clean and the problem is still observed, then you should try other tips.


Lubricate the Latch

If the latch opens and closes with effort, you can try lubricating it. A simple silicon spray can be found at any home improvement store.
Spray the latch with the substance and move it a little bit for greasing it up evenly. Try closing the latch again in order to check whether it is working now or not.

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Check the Strike Plate

You can find the strike plate on the dishwasher body instead of the door. This is the place where the door latch attaches to when it closes. If it is crooked or deformed, the latch will not cling to it.
You can tell just by looking at it whether it is straight, or tilted, or bent. If this is the case, you can try gently straightening it with a hammer or screwdriver. After repairing it, you should close the door carefully and observe if it is straight enough. If the door still does not close properly, you can replace the strike plate completely.

When the Door Latch Assembly Needed

In the majority of cases, the solutions listed above will help you with fixing the door latch by yourself. If the door still does not work properly, you might have to consider replacing the door latch completely or calling a serviceman.

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