How to Fix Electric Stove Burner

Electric stoves are truly convenient with their fast heating and various features that make cooking much easier. For some people, they are the only way to heat and cook their food if there is no microwave or other similar devices. Can you imagine turning on your stove only to find out that the burners are cold and not responding to the control board? This would mean no hot and delicious dinner for you. However, do not worry, there are plenty of solutions!

Required Tools

For troubleshooting your electric stove, you will require minimum tools:

  • a 4-in-1 screwdriver;
  • a multimeter;
  • a pair of protective gloves.

You should always unplug the device before troubleshooting it. However, the residue of electricity might still be dangerous. Protect your hands while working with electrical appliances.

screwdriver and multi-meter

Surface Element Board

There are multiple switches on the surface board that control the electricity supply to the burners themselves. Even if only one of them stops transmitting electricity, the elements will not function properly. When two or more burners start malfunctioning at the same time, the board might be faulty. If one of the burners does not heat, check it with a multimeter. If there is electricity, then the board is failing.

Surface Element Board

Surface Burner Terminal Block

Coils and the internal wires are connected with the help of a terminal block. You can find it underneath the cooking surface. It is fitted with a couple of screws, so you will require a screwdriver to take them out. This part might be at fault if the burners do not heat up properly.
You will probably need to take the cooking surface off for reaching the part. Inspect it using a multimeter. If there is no electricity, install a new terminal block.

Surface Burner Terminal Block

Surface Element Switch

The coils receive electrical current via this switch. You can try switching the surface elements. If they still don’t work, then you might have a problem with the switch. Unfortunately, it is impossible to repair this part. The only option is to buy a new one and install it.

Coil Surface Element

Ensure that failing coils are fitted in their respective places tightly. You can visually inspect each part for any signs of damage. If you see burnt marks or any other signs, replace these parts. You can also buy new parts in case the faulty ones do not have electrical current.

Radiant Surface Element

This is one of the most frequent causes of electric stove malfunctioning, whether it is manufactured by Frigidaire, Samsung or Kenmore. You can find this heating element burnt out after some time. Use the multimeter once again to see whether there is any current. If not, throw this part out without hesitation. You cannot fix it; the only way is to replace it with a functioning one.

Solid Surface Element

If your model of the stove involves a solid element, then it might be the case. This part is also susceptible to burning out, just like all the other similar elements. Inspect this part for the signs of damage and use a multimeter to verify the electricity supply. Purchase a replacement if necessary.

Solid Surface Element

Element Receptacle and Wire Kit

The connections inside the receptacle might burn after some time. In this case, the electrical current will not be able to reach the surface elements. You can visually inspect the connections and see whether there are burnt marks or not. The damaged part should be replaced with a new one.

Loose or Burnt Wire Connection

In some cases, faulty wiring might be the case of malfunction. Burns often happen on the wiring around the heating element. Troubleshooting for this issue is easy because the burnt areas on the wires can be easily seen. Be careful when touching the wiring. Wear protective gloves to be safe from electricity.

Incoming Power Problem

This issue might be the easiest one to fix. Sometimes the problem is not in the electric stove but in the electric current. The stove requires 220 V current to function properly. Insufficient electric supply will result in the stove not heating up. You can inspect the outlet and see the voltage available for your appliance.

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