How to Fix Leaking Dishwasher

If a dishwasher is leaking, there are four ways to solve this problem.

  • Option one – throw it away and buy a new one. Very expensive and sometimes completely unreasonable way.
  • The second option is to call a serviceman who will fix everything with a warranty. Also, quite expensive.
  • The third option is DIY, and it’s the cheapest one. But if you are not a professional, then it is extremely difficult to implement.
  • The fourth one can be called the best – to find the cause of the malfunction, and if not able to fix it, then call a specialist.

Thus, you can significantly save money at least on diagnostics and, maybe, on repairs. Some useful tips on how to detect a leakage source and fix it are presented below.

dishwasher latch


Quite often, dishwasher leaking is caused by a pump malfunction. This unit is responsible for both water circulation and draining. In the vast majority of cases, a leak occurs at a gasket sealing the pump. Under the influence of aggressive detergents and time-related wear, it becomes less elastic, while stretches and collapses, which leads to leaking.

To be sure this is the case, take off the front access panel of the dishwasher and check the pump along with all the seals.

leaking pump

Door Gasket

If your dishwasher is leaking from the bottom of the door, then a door gasket may be the reason for malfunction. Usually, the gasket is made of vinyl or very soft rubber and installed around the perimeter of the door.
Sometimes, for better tightness, additional rubber partitions are also used. Inspect all of them thoroughly. If rubber or vinyl ceased to be elastic and there are signs of damage on them, then this is the reason for water leaking from the dishwasher. It is enough to replace the gasket for making the problem disappear.

Door Seals Leaking

Sometimes the problem resides in the door seal. Its other name is a tub gasket, and when it’s damaged, the dishwasher door leaking starts. Look for breaches in the door seal and simply replace it if you have found one.

door seal leaking

Wrong Detergent

If a lot of bubbles are observed after opening the door of the dishwasher, this might be a sign of bad detergent. By pushing water out of the machine, these bubbles cause leaking. In this case, you need to change your current detergent for another one, which is specifically designed for dishwashers.

Detergent Dispenser

Water Valve

A water valve is needed to deliver water to a dishwasher from the general water supply. The valve outlet is equipped with a plastic or rubber hose. The failure of this hose causes leaks. Inspect it carefully for damages and cracks. Also, check up the nozzle and valve body. It is better to examine them when the dishwasher is filled with water – this improves your chances to identify the malfunction.

water inlet valve

Dispensers & Grommets

These parts are usually assembled on the inner door panel. However, in some models they can be placed in other areas. Therefore, read the manual to your dishwasher to found them. If your dishwasher is leaking from the front, the dispenser gasket or grommet can be blamed for this.

Make a careful examination of these parts to spot any signs of damage and wear and purchase new parts if you happen to find the problem.

Spray Arm

All dishwashers have a spray arm mounted at the bottom of the machine. However, some models have additional spray arms installed in the middle or upper part. They are made of metal or plastic.

Over time, plastic may crack, while metal corrodes. As a result, a spray pattern changes, water under pressure hits unprotected parts of the machine, and that causes a leak. The same pattern is observed when the spraying nozzles are clogged. Remove them and carefully examine for blockage or damage.

spray arm

Float Switch

A float switch does not allow a dishwasher to overflow with water. The malfunction of this part can cause the water level in the machine to become too high, resulting in leakage.

Thus, note that if there is too much water in the dishwasher, then the problem is probably in the float switch.

Float Switch

Hose Clamps & Hoses

Clamps are used to fix both circulation and drain hoses of the pump. They are located behind and at the bottom of the dishwasher. The hoses may crack and the clamps may become loose, thus provoking leaks.

Check how tight the clamps are and verify that the hoses are out of damage. If there is a problem with them, these parts can be easily replaced.

Hose Clamps

The Help of Professionals and Additional Repair Parts

If you still could not determine the cause of the leak, or you do not have enough skills or spare parts for repairs, contact a professional service. They will help you solve the leaking dishwasher problem easily and in a short time. Your attempts to identify the problem will not be in vain, as they will still allow you to save money on diagnostics.

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