Fixing a Washer That Won’t Fill with Water

So, your washer machine is broken — it is not filling with water and cannot be used. There may be several reasons for the malfunction of the washer. Of course, you can always call the plumber but it may be much cheaper and faster to repair it yourself. This is easy enough if you have certain tools and follow the right instructions. Let’s find out how you can fix this problem.

Required Tools

A list of the required repair tools:

  • Screwdrivers;
  • Wrenches;
  • Volt-Ohm Meter (VOM).
screwdriver and multi-meter

Inlet Hoses

You should access the hoses in order to check their condition. Perhaps, they are not connected to the washer properly. If this is a problem, just reattach them. The hose may also be bent too much, preventing water from flowing. You should straighten the hose, and your appliance will start working again. The replacement is required if the hose is damaged.

Inlet Hoses

Water Inlet Valve

Check the valve used for water inlet. Perhaps, it should be replaced. It is also important to make sure that the water volume switch is installed correctly, and all control panel buttons function properly. In some cases, the elementary adjustment helps eliminate the problem.

Water Inlet Valve

Check Water Level Switch

Open the control panel and find a rubber tube attached to the sensor of water level. You will need to test it for continuity using a VOM. Find all wires of the three sensor terminals and disconnect them before testing (labeling may be needed to attach them back properly).
Check three terminals in pairs (1st and 2nd, 2nd and 3rd, 1st and 3rd). The result can be either infinity (no continuity) or close to zero (continuity). Two of the pairs should have no continuity while the third one should. Replace the switch if you get a different result.

Float Switch


The severe clogging of these is a common reason that prevents water flow. Detach the hoses found on the appliance’s back to find the filters. If they are dirty, clean them and attach the hoses back. If such filters are damaged, they should be replaced.


Pressure Chamber

If your machine is working without water, then check the pressure chamber. Perhaps, this part is blocked and air has entered the pressure tube. To fix this issue, clean it properly and if this does not help, replace the part.

Pressure Air Chamber

Lid Switch

This part does not allow the appliance to work when the lid is opened. The vast majority of models have the switch responsible for controlling the water flow. In such models, if the lid is not closed properly, no water goes inside. This part of your washer is located right under the cover. Inspect it carefully to find any damage. If everything is fine, then there may be some internal problem. Repairing it may be very difficult and if you cannot understand what is wrong, just contact Careandrepairs to solve the problem on the same day.

lid switch

Selector Switch

In many washer models, this part is placed separately from the temperature switch. It is used to set a washing cycle. If there is a problem, it is determined and fixed in the same way as for the water temperature switch (read the information below).

Selector Switch

Water Temperature Switch

This part controls the water temperature level. It regulates the amount of cold and hot water for a certain washing cycle. If this switch is damaged, there will be no water inside the washer. To find a problem, you should test it with a VOM. If it is broken, the temperature switch requires replacement.

Water Level Pressure Switch

Usually, it is located under the control panel. It can be easily found by the hose or air dome tube connecting it to the tub. Check its condition. If you cannot find it, have a look at the connection diagram. Before checking the sensor, disconnect the washer from the mains.

Water Level Pressure Switch

Timer & Electronic Control

It is used to control the operation of the valve for water supply. Check its condition with a volt-ohm meter. Before testing, you should disconnect the appliance from the mains. It is recommended to entrust this work to Careandrepairs.

Dishwasher Timer
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