Troubleshooting fridge leaking water

 The common reasons include blockage in defrost drain, broken or cracked inlet valve, issues with water filter, etc.

You can check the water inlet valve, drain pipe, drain assembly, tank assembly, etc. and get to know the reason behind a problem and its solution.

How do I fix my refrigerator when it is leaking water?

Clogged or freezing defrost drain

In case of a frozen defrost drain, a trough will get overflown with water and start to drip at the compartment’s bottom. Due to this problem, water starts to leak and reaches the floor. Check out whether defrost drain is clogged or frozen. Thaw the ice in case it is frozen. To prevent the fridge from leaking water, clear the drain by flushing hot water so that all the dirt particles are removed.

drainage hose

Water inlet valve

This valve supplies water to icemaker and dispenser. Check out if there is a crack in the inlet valve or if it is loosely fitted due to which the refrigerator water inlet valve might leak. Duly inspect the inlet valve and check for cracks and be sure that it is securely attached to the pipe.


Water filter housing

Look for cracks in a housing of water filter. If there are any, it is recommended to replace the housing altogether.

Water filter housing

Water filter head

The cracked filter head or torn seal can also be a cause of the water leakage. Water filter housing should be inspected for any cracks. If there are any cracks in the housing, consider replacing it immediately.

Water filter head

Drain Pan

Drain Pan in a fridge gets defrosted automatically. Water which gets melted from evaporator coil is generally collected in a drain pan. The hot air blown by condenser results in evaporation of water in drain pan.Crack in pan can cause leakage during defrost cycle. Do a thorough inspection of drain pan and then replace it if there is any crack.

Drain Pan

Water filter

If your refrigerator is leaking, it is suggested to check the secure connectivity of filters i.e. whether it is tightly secured on the housing or not. If connectivity is not secure then you need to remove it and reinstall it perfectly.

replacing a filter
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