Defrost Drain is Clogged

How do I fix my refrigerator?

Like any other appliance a refrigerator may work improperly. In this article we considered cases related to drain issues. Following our instructions, you may easily and quickly fix the problem on your own.

defrost drain

Fridge drain hole

Fridge drain hole is an exit point for water that collects due to condensation inside freezer compartment. Drain hole is typically located underneath on the back wall inside of refrigerator. If a drain hole is blocked, it may cause malfunctions in the working process of a refrigerator. As a result, food becomes spoiled. What you have to do first is to mop up water collected in boxes and drawers. Now you may clean a drain hole from debris with help of special stick or improvised means like a cotton bud, straw etc. You should carefully perform cleaning in order to avoid blocking a drain hole further.

refrigerator defrost drain

Clogged or Freezing Defrost Drain

As we learnt above, the drain hole may be clogged with debris. In certain circumstances a buildup of ice may be occurred inside the drain. In order to clean the drain from ice, you will need a plumbing snake. Push one end of the snake into the drain hole as deep as you can. Move it up and down utill clog is diminished. Afterwards, fill the drain with 1 teaspoon of baking soda and slowly pour 2 cups of hot water into it. If you spilled water, wipe the area dry. Now your refrigerator is ready to work properly again. 

refrigerator defrost drain

Drain Strap

What is it, and how can it destroy the work of your refrigerator? Drain strap is an aluminum or copper detail that is conjoint with a defrost heater and is stretching into a defrost drain. When a defrost heater is running, heat is being delivered through a drain strap and thaws any ice that may arise in a defrost drain. In that case, if a drain strap is adjusted incorrectly, a defrost drain will be supposedly clogged with ice. If you are embarrassed in this issue, you may fully rely on our certified technicians who will easily unclog freezer drain of any refrigerator Bosch, LG, Whirlpool, Gorenje etc. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – call us any time to get a quick help!

Drain Strap

Drain Heater

Drain heater is an important part of a drain system. The main task of a drain heater is to prevent water that is accumulating in the drain pan from freezing, and therefore, from clogging the drain. Check the drain heater whether it is fitted correctly. If it appears the drain heater is defective, replace it.  

Before repair please make sure you have disconnected your Maytag from power source.  To prevent future clogs, we advise you clean drain on a regular basis. If you feel uncertain in these issues, and your warranty is not valid any more, contact Care & Repair. We know how to make your life easier.

Drain Heater
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