Troubleshooting Washer When the Door Won`t Open

A washing machine is a great assistant for any family, but not everybody knows how to use it properly. If any detail is broken, most people feel panic because they have no idea what to do. Have you ever had your washing machine locked with water inside? Don’t you know what to do in such cases? Follow our simple guide to fix this issue on your own.

Required Tools

It is impossible to fix a washer without some simple tools which can be found in every house. If you find a washer door locked, prepare the following:

  • Protective gloves;
  • Gauge wire;
  • Large bowl;
  • Washcloths;
  • Screwdriver.
pliers and screwdriver

How to Troubleshoot the Washer Door?

A washer door can be locked with water inside or without it. Depending on this, two guides for repair can be used. If you see that your washer won’t unlock and there is no water in the tab, take the following few steps:

  • Switch a washer off and wait for 10 minutes. It should unlock on its own. In case it does not help, check your machine carefully;
  • If the washer handle is movable, take a long gauge wire and pass it through the door near the latch;
  • Turn the wire and pull it inside the washer;
  • Continue doing this until the door unlocks;
  • If a handle is unmovable, switch the machine off;
  • Remove a bottom panel;
  • Reach the latch assembly and turn the latch to unlock it;
  • Replace the latch with a new, more reliable one.
Washer Parts Diagram

You cannot do all these actions if your washer has water inside the tab, so you should get rid of it:

  • Open a debris filter panel by pressing a special tab or using a screwdriver;
  • Release a draining hose;
  • Prepare washcloths and a bowl;
  • Find a small plug in the hose and switch it off;
  • Drain the water out into a bowl;
  • Then place a drain hose back;
  • Clean a filter and reset it;
  • Switch the machine on. The door should open.

If the washer door won’t unlock, you probably have problems with some internal components of the machine. You should check it out thoroughly. It is recommended to contact specialists to find the right repair method.

Door Lock or Interlock

Interlock is designed to ensure that the door remains locked during the whole wash process. It contains a lock assembly with a special solenoid for locking and unlocking the door. This solenoid starts working when a wash cycle begins. If the machine does not open when a wash is over, a lock assembly may be broken. Read the manual for your washer and find out how to open the door on your own.

Door Lock & Interlock

Door Strike & Catch & Hook

Door strike, hook, or catch is used in washers for activating a lock assembly. It is usually made of plastic. Therefore, it can be damaged over time. Apart from wearing out, it can stop working if someone tried to open the door by force while a mechanism is activated. The problem can be easily solved. It is mounted only with several screws. So, just replace a door hook with a new one.

door catch

Lid Hinge & Pin

A lid is connected with the main top by two hinges. They usually contain plastic and can wear out quickly. As a result, a washer won’t unlock. Check the lid hinges and replace them in case of scratches, or any other damage. Don’t forget to switch the machine off and use protective gloves during a repair.
If the washer door is locked, do not panic. Follow these simple rules and solve the problem on your own or contact the professional service for help.

Lid Switch
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