Troubleshooting Fridge Water Dispenser

How do I Fix my Refrigerator?

Appliance repair in Toronto can be costly. Is your fridge water dispenser not working? If water no longer comes out when you place a glass in the dispenser and press on the release lever, then maybe the refrigerator water dispenser has stopped working.

What to Check:

There are seven key areas to inspect when you start to suspect that the refrigerator water dispenser may need a fix: the water tube in the door, the water inlet valve, the water pressure from the house supply, the dispenser control board, the dispenser switch, the water filter, and the door switch. These parts appear in all the brands of refrigerators, including the most well-known: Maytag, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, and Bosch.

Water Tube in Door is Frozen

There is a tube at the bottom of the door of the fridge. In order to check the water supply tube, it must be disconnected. Then try to blow air through the tube. If there is a blockage in the tube, it is most likely frozen and needs to be thawed. Perhaps your freezer is too cold.

Water Tube

Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve must have enough water pressure to work. If the pressure of at least 20 psi is not reached, the water will not trigger the valve to open at the right time. If you can test this with a digital multimeter (DMM). The other problem is that water inlet valves can wear out and break. It may need to be replaced.

Water Inlet Valve

Low Water Pressure from House Supply

If the water pressure of the house supply is too low, your refrigerator water line will not work. The water pressure of the line can be tested with a DMM. Find solutions by calling a professional.

House Water Supply

Dispenser Control Board

This controls all of the manifold aspects of the dispenser.  If it breaks, all of the dispenser features will stop working at once. Test each of the parts of the dispenser to determine which, if any, are working. There are wires connected to the board so by testing each part you will find that one which causes problems for the control board.

Dispenser Control Board This controls all of the manifold aspects of the dispenser. If it breaks, all of the dispenser aspects will stop working at once. Test each of the parts of the dispenser to determine which, if any, are working.

Dispenser Switch

When you press on one of the dispenser switches, it sends a message through its internal computer via electrical current. In response, the machine releases water or ice. If the dispenser is not working,  you may use a DMM to test the switch’s electrical current. If the current fluctuates, the dispenser switch may need to be replaced.

Dispenser Switch

Water Filter

Another part you may check is the dispenser’s water filter. These can easily be gummed up by a build-up of tiny particles over time. You should be able to see the build-up on the inside of the filter. When a filter is clogged, it disrupts the flow of water to the dispenser and lowers the quality of the water it delivers. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the filter roughly every six months.

Water Filter

Door Switch

There is a door-sensor switch on the inside of fridges that have an ice and water dispenser. Its purpose is to turn off the power to the water dispenser when the door is opened. If the door switch breaks, as a failsafe, the dispenser is programmed to stay off.  Press and release a door switch 5-6 times. As far as we know, this helps sometimes. Also, a DMM can be used to test the continuity of electrical current to the door switch. In the case of fluctuating power supply, the door switch will need to be replaced.

Door Switch
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