How to Fix Washing Machine When It Is Not Draining

Sometimes, a washing machine stops draining due to becoming clogged. It is an annoying issue, which will make you wash your laundry with your hands. However, this problem is quite simple and you may be able to solve it yourself. Go through this simple guide before calling a professional service.

Required Tools

You will require only a few tools in order to troubleshoot and fix the washer yourself:

  • 4-in-1 screwdriver;
  • Thin pliers.
screwdriver and multi-meter

Washer Parts Location

Diagnosing the Problem

First of all, you need to get to the drain hose and pump. The following are the steps you should take:

  • Make sure to cut off the electricity from the appliance;
  • Remove the water from the tub. You can use a bucket or any other container to scoop out the water;
  • Unscrew the front panel of your machine;
  • Take the panel off in order to see the inside;
  • Check the drain pipe for any twists or rips;
  • Find the pump (it is usually located at the bottom);
  • Separate the pipe from the pump carefully;
  • Look inside and try to check both of them manually in order to find a potential clog;
  • If you cannot find a clog, try starting the washer and listening to the pump sound. Check if it makes a strange noise.
    If you hear something unusual, the problem is probably in the pump, and it needs to be replaced.
top load washer

Removing a Clog

If there is a visible clog, then it is time to remove it. Take your pliers, grab the thing obstructing the pump or the pipe, and start pulling. If the clog is in the pipe, then it should be simple to get rid of it. Just pull it out from the pipe. If the pump is clogged, you should be very careful with fixing this. The thing inside of it might be tangled around the parts of the mechanism. Pull it out slowly and carefully.
After successfully removing the clog, connect the pipe to the pump and start a washing cycle.

Removing a Clog

Replacing a Damaged Drain Pump

If the pump is damaged or faulty, you can buy a new one and replace it. Check the manual for the model of your device and order a suitable pump. When you have a new part, follow this guide:

  • Find a belt under the pump and take it off;
  • Unscrew the damaged pump and take it off;
  • Put the new one in place and screw it back;
  • Connect the drain pipe to it;
  • Reattach the belt in its position.

Other Probable Causes of a Washer That Does Not Drain

Sometimes, there are other parts that might be faulty. Inspect them if the previous recommendations do not solve the issue.

Pump Belt

The belt attached to the pump in some washers is an essential part. Over time, it can get worn out, stretched, or damaged. If it is the problem, check the model of your device and buy a suitable belt to replace the old one.

pump with a motor

Direct Drive Pump

Specific washing machine models come with this pump type. It is attached to the motor. Disconnect it from the motor and check for damage. If there is something obstructing the impeller, remove the object. If the impeller is still difficult to move, order and install a new pump.

New water pump

Lid Switch

This problem might arise with top-loading washers. The appliance will work only when the lid is closed. If it is closed properly but the washer does not work, then there might be a problem with the lid switch. Check this part for continuity. In case of problems, replace it.

lid switch

Washer Timer and Electronic Control Board

The timer is responsible for the tub spinning during the washing and draining cycles. If the tub is not spinning, then you might have problems with the timer. Try cutting the power off and checking this part with a multimeter.
Sometimes, the control board runs all the processes in the washer, and it should make the pump work. If it does not, then use the multimeter for checking. Replace these parts if they are damaged.

Control board repair
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