How to Fix Oven That Is Not Programming

Modern devices become more and more intellectual. Inside, your oven remains a simple cooking machine but its programming board and dozens of control options make it look more like a spaceship.
This abundance of functions leads to a wide range of possible troubles:

  • The gas burner does not light;
  • The oven does not heat at all or heats at the wrong temperature;
  • The oven memory does not support saved programs;
    Here is what you can do on your own in the situation of an oven that won’t program.

Required Tools

You can inspect your oven with simple tools:

  • a screwdriver
  • needle-nose pliers
  • a putty knife
  • a heat gun.

Before disassembling, try rebooting. Like every electronic device, your space oven can be “buggy”. It means that all details are serviceable but something went wrong and the signal is not transmitted correctly from the control board to the heating or cleaning mechanisms. Try to unplug the oven, in fact, rebooting its electric brain. In our experience, it helps in 30% of cases.
It is unlikely you are prepared for fixing an oven control board without a specialist, but you definitely can do troubleshooting on your own. You can find the control board and inspect if it’s damaged. If so, order the new one to switch it or call a warranty service center.

screwdriver and multi-meter

Electronic Control Board

Always start with unplugging to avoid electric shock. Push back the oven from the wall to have access to the oven backside. If there is a top panel that covers the control board, remove it with a screwdriver to get access to the board inside. In some cases, you will see some damage on the board upon a closer view. In others, you will need to remove the board itself from the appliance. Pull out the board and unplug the wires with needle-nose pliers (we recommend taking a picture of the connected wires to plug them back correctly later). The damage might involve cracks, burnt elements or shorted terminal traces. Noticing any of these signs, do not try to repair your oven since most likely it needs a new control board.

Main Control Board

Membrane Switch

The ovens that were bought from certified brand representatives usually have a long-term warranty from the manufacturer. If you haven’t broken the rules of use, specialists from a service center will replace the control board.
If the problem appeared through your fault (for example, you have dropped something heavy on the oven or it was built-in wrong), the warranty will not cover the expenses of repairs. In this case, you can order a new control board and replace it. First, you will need to disconnect the membrane on the top of the board. Use a heat gun to evenly heat the attached membrane and, without letting it harden, take it off the board with a putty knife. Then, install the membrane on the new board and let it cool, fitting snugly to the board.

Membrane Switch
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