How to fix a dishwasher if it does not start

What to do if you face the problem – your dishwasher doesn’t start?

Spin the motor by hand

The motor is stuck. The first thing you can do is to spin the motor by hand. How can you fulfil it? Remove a lower panel of your dishwasher. Underneath you will find the motor. Try to turn an impeller by hand. Thus, such an easy manipulation often helps avoid sticking. However, it can be a temporary repair.

Auger Motor

Check the power supply

One of the main reasons why your dishwasher fails to start may be a banal lack of electricity. Usually, dishwashers are directly connected to either power source or wall plugs. Check whether all connections are in a good condition. To restore power, reset dishwasher’s fuse or circuit breaker. If your dishwasher has a power cord, be sure that it is plugged firmly into outlet on the wall.

Electronic Control

You  can get access to electronic control by having removed the inner door panel. It is normally located behind the control panel at the top of the door. To control inlet valve circuits and motor, the main circuit board uses a microprocessor and electric relays. If something goes wrong, there may be a fault code displayed in electronic control models. In order to check all contact elements, use a multimeter according to your model’s schematic diagram.

Thermal Fuse problem

Sometimes a control board doesn’t receive power because of thermal fuse’s dysfunction. You may find thermal fuse on the circuit board, and that is attached to the last one with two wires. In order to get into control panel, remove inner door. Release locking tabs on the thermal fuse and take it out of the control board. Discard wires from the defective thermal fuse. Connect a new thermal fuse to wires and place it under the locking tabs. That done, traditionally check the fuse’s continuity using a  multimeter.

Motor start relay

If the power passes from the control circuit to the motor, it means a start relay of your dishwasher is installed on the main pump motor. Check it with a multimeter. If the relay is activated, switch contact portion and coil portion will demonstrate continuity. Otherwise, try to turn the relay upside down in order to let the plunger drop. It should fix the problem.

motor start relay

Door latch

Another latent reason of why your dishwasher won’t turn on can be the door latch. In this case you have to examine both door latch assembly and switches. You may easily find them on the top of the door, having undone screws and separated outer and inner doors. As a rule, there are two switches in the door latch assembly. Put the catch into the door latch assembly. Thus, both switches must be mechanically activated by the door catch. Now you are to  test switches using a multimeter. But before repair ensure you have switched the power off.

door latch

Selector Switch Issue

We advise you check the selector switch that is usually located on the control panel behind inner door panel. The reason why your dishwasher doesn’t start may be not fully depressed selector buttons. If everything is fine with them, verify contacts of selector switch using a multimeter appropriate for your particular model’s schematic diagram.

a selector switch

Check the Drive Motor

In case you hear unusual noises like drumming or humming caused by motor, it’s more than likely the motor should be replaced.
Normally electrical power to drive motor passes from electronic control or timer jointly with the start relay. If relay is functioning well, it can point on the defect in the motor. In this case verify the motor windings’ continuity using a multimeter. 
All defects may be covered under your warranty up to 1 or 2 years. Otherwise, our certified technicians in Toronto are always ready to be at your service, no matter of what model your dishwashing machine is – Whirlpool, Bosch, Gorenje, Maytag, Siemens etc

a drive motor
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