What to Do When Your Dishwasher Is Not Drying

Cleaning dishes is not the only task that your dishwasher does because drying clean dishes is also important. If your dishwasher doesn’t dry, then glasses, plates, and other tableware collect excess water, so you will have to wipe them yourself. A dishwasher won’t dry for different reasons, and if you wish to find out how to fix this problem, read our helpful tips.

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How Do I Fix My Dishwasher When It Does Not Dry Properly?

There are many different brands of appliances, such as Maytag, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Bosch and others, and there are common mistakes that people do when using them, which leads to their dishwasher not drying. Therefore, it is important to understand the causes first.

Dishwasher Not Draining

Do not Overload Dishes

How do you arrange the dishes inside the dishwasher? The problem might be that you load too many tableware items. Try to make sure that dishes do not touch and are not piled up on other items. Set dishes up in their separate sections, leaving enough space in between for water and air circulation.

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Rinse Aid Dispenser

To facilitate drying, you can use a rinse aid. This is a remedy that makes it easier for water to come off the dishes. Not only does it help in drying, but also prevents water spots on the tableware. It is particularly recommended for washing with hard water. The majority of dishwashers have special compartments for rinse aid. Add the necessary amount of the remedy before starting the machine.

Detergent Dispenser

Check Drying Settings

Various dishwashers have multiple drying settings. Try configuring your machine to the right ones. In order to pick a suitable mode, read the manual that came with the dishwasher. You can also look for relevant information online.
If this tip does not help solve the issue, the problem might lay in a damaged part.

Drying Fan

There are dishwasher models that use a drying fan in order to remove steam at the end of a washing cycle, and there may be two issues with this part. If the vent does not open correctly, the water drops will remain on the dishes. Check it and see if anything is blocking it from opening. The fan itself might stop working if the motor is burned out. The blades of the fan might get stuck because of debris hindering it. Try spinning it in order to see if it turns smoothly.

Heating Element

Some dishwashers come with a heating element. It increases the temperature in the dishwasher when it is drying dishes. It consists of several components, and they may start corroding or burn down eventually.
In case there is corrosion, you may have to replace the heating element or some of its parts. You can also open the panel in the lower part of the dishwasher and check the heating element for continuity.

Heating Element


Thermostats are used in some dishwasher models to prevent them from overheating. They are involved in both washing and drying stages. In case of malfunction, it can turn off in the middle of the process.
For testing the thermostat, select a high-temperature washing cycle. After it is finished, open the machine and check whether it is warm or not. If it is cold, the problem might be in this part.

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